These are the Schools that the Snitch’s learnt at and grew up as children

Alexandra Park Infant School, Wood Green, London, is where Julia Frances Snitch (1928-2002), Albert Victor Snitch (1930-2011) and Peter Alan Snitch (1944) went to school.

Noel Park Junior School, Wood Green, London, is where Leonard Frederick Snitch (1905-1995), Flora Alice Snitch (1907-1993), Edith Elizabeth Snitch (1910-1999) and Arthur George Snitch (1913-2007) went to school.

Asquith Girls High School, Sydney, NSW, Australia, is where Rhondda Jean Snitch (1957), Phillippa Linda Snitch (1970), went to school

Toledo Early College High School, Toledo, Ohio, USA, is where Justin Lee Snitch (1977), Rachel Marie Snitch (1982) and Michael Francis Snitch (1984), went to school.

Brookside High School, Sheffield Lakes, Ohio, USA, is where Kenneth Harry Snitch (1944), John Herbert Snitch (1947-1967), Joanne Carol Snitch (1947), William Leonard Snitch (1950) and Donald Roy (1951-2002), went to school.

Sandye Place Upper School, Sandy, Bedfordshire, England, is where Michele Louise Snitch (1969) and Paul Alan Snitch (1972), went to school.

Manor Church of England School, York, North Yorkshire, England, is where Andrew Frazer Snitch (1994) went to school

Hereward Community College, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, is where Donna Marie Snitch (1978) went to school

Sir Harry Smith Community College, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, is where Rose May Snitch (1959) went to school

Malet Lambert School, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England, is were Sadie Nichole Snitch (1990) & Ryan Dennis Snitch (1992) went to school

Southend High School for Boy’s, Southend on Sea, Essex, is where David Peter Snitch (1949) went to school