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  1. Hi Pete, First of all, let me say what a wonderful job you have done with your ‘Snitch Family History’ site! I happened upon it by sheer chance this evening, when I was looking for a pub – the ‘White Lion’ -in St Neots that one of my ancestors, Thomas Snitch (1783/4-1850), used to be the publican of. By doing a Google search, I came across your site, and have spent the last hour reading many of the fascinating details you have gathered there.

    I wish to ask you some questions, if I may, regarding the particular Snitches that relate to me. But first, let me tell you about my association to the Snitch family: The Thomas Snitch I mentioned above married Jemima Slade in 1805, and they had a daughter, Kezia. She then went on to marry William Ekers in 1845, and they had a son named Thomas, who later married a Canadian named Mary. Thomas and Mary Ekers had a daughter named Helen, who went on to marry George Robert McHugh. They had a son named George, who had a son named Michael, who in turn had me!

  2. I just noticed your site while surfing the web, I’m not sure if I am related to you however I know snitch is a unique name. My name is John Snitch as well. I live in Canada and am 34 years old, I know my background is from somewhere around Yorkshire but don’t know much more than that. If you would like to contact me my e mail is Have a good day and happy new year, John

  3. I’ve been doing some research into my family tree and I came across your family history. My gg granddads name was Elias Hollis and I know that he lived in Ramsey and he married a Mary. Your site shows that this was Mary Snitch, I was very excited to see that you had a photo of her and I was wondering if you had any more photos of her and Elias or maybe their children?. If you would like I know the information on their children and their children and so on. Would you please mail me to let me know you received this mail and if you have any other photos and also if you would like the info that I know thank you. Tricia Grange (nee Hollis)

  4. I’m very impressed by your family history site, which I discovered almost by chance. I think you’ve done a wonderful job. Your ancestor Emma Seaton, who married Henry Snitch (1833-1900) was I believe the sister of my great-grandfather, Robert Seaton, born circa 1835. He married c 1861, Sophia Dewberry, whose parents were originally from Wood Walton; they moved to High St, Upwood and had 8 living children-7 of them girls. Most of the girls went into service in Bradford, thus exchanging agrarian poverty for the grimier industrial kind. My maternal grandmother, Hannah b.1862 lived to the ripe old age of 86 – long enough to see me, the family’s first undergraduate, get to Cambridge- or, as she rightly saw it, back to our ancestral hunting grounds at the edge of the fen! She was a radical Methodist all her life so I’m quite interested in Methodism in the Upwood area and the Larritt family. Also in other names which keep cropping up- Dewberry and Teat for example. Shirley Wilson

  5. I have just looked at and I am amazed at the amount of information you have, you have so many photo’s. I was thrilled to see photo’s of my Great Grandmother Edith and Great Great Grandparents George and Lizzie because I don’t think either my father or my aunt have any pictures of them. You have certainly traced the Snitch’s a long way back. My grandmother was Edna Dean 1907 – 1980, the daughter of Harry Dean and Edith Snitch 1881-1966. You have two of Edna’s sisters, Edie and Eva and their brother Alfred, Unfortunately there is no-one of the name Snitch in our part of the tree now. If I do manage to uncover any photo’s I will email them to you. Warm regards. Tanya

  6. Love the site and the way it’s laid out. It would seem that I am part of your tree, although it is distant so I will be in touch by mail at a later date if that’s ok, Nigel Flowers

  7. Hello, I am related to Edna Dean, sister of Eva, Edie, Alf and Alice. She married and had 2 children, one of which is my mum. So we are distantly related. It is a relatively new hobby of mine and this site is a great help.

  8. Hi I did write the other day but didn’t leave my e mail. Have just been showing my mum the tree and she remembers sitting on a step at auntie Edie (Woolhouse) with John Turton moaning about having their finger nails cut so short by aunty Edie

  9. I’ve been researching my family history and came across your website:'s_charity.htm with mention of James Roger of Potton in 1843. James was a Master Apprentice in the Snitch Charity. I am the direct 6xgrandchild of James and would like to know more information regarding the work he was involved in, etc. I would appreciate any further information you have. Thanks in advance, Kind Regards
    Andrew Rogers.

  10. I am delighted to have “found” my Mr Snitch. My very earliest recollection – I wish it was clearer – was of being given small mints out of a paper bag by dear old Mr Snitch, who lived up the road from us in Chipstead Lane, Lower Kingswood, Surrey. His name was kept alive in our family, because he was such a lovely old man, and because of his unusual name. I would have been barely three when George Snitch died, but I guess he was buried in Kingswood Churchyard, so when I next pass I will try and find his grave and pay my belated respects.
    Many thanks for managing the Snitch website. As we all get older such memories of the distant past become the more valuable, but rarely as this one brought back to life so clearly. Do you have a photograph of him? There is one old man in the photographs on your site, with a stick, who looks remarkably the memory I have of him. Kind regards, Sean Hawkins

  11. Hello: Your Snitch web site is impressive. I discovered it because I have been tracing my family history (since 1976!) and I am a direct descendant of Francis Snitch of Potton who married Elizabeth Parker in 1713. Have you managed to connect Francis to the other Snitches?

  12. I have found your site very informative and so helpful in confirming some of my findings in my family tree. Like William Kirk, I also believe I am a descendant of Francis Snitch and Elizabeth Parker, some 8 generations back, through their daughter Sarah. I have not been able to find any further details so too am interested if you have any more information. Hilary Martin

  13. What a magnificent web site. It obviously took many years to compile. I have saved it to return to later to study in depth as it is such a wonderful tool for verifying and checking other research. I only have about 100 years worth of Snitch’s in my tree at present but I am sure that with more research I will find some more. Wonderful!!! Brenda Smith

  14. I came across your website purely by chance having typed the name of my grandfather “Joseph Drakes Armstrong” into Google. Joseph married Nellie Snitch in Lincoln in 1923 and I am their granddaughter. Your website is brilliant and if I can help with any information regarding Nellie’s family please let me know. Sue Day (Armstrong)

  15. Congratulations on a fantastic site. I am not related to your family but quite by accident I discovered that my great great grandparents lived at no 3 St Neots Road in 1881. It was lovely to see where they lived and will help me build a better picture of their life. Many thanks, Val

  16. Just a note to congratulate you on your website. I accidentally came across your interesting Snitch family history site. I’m not related but as I’m also researching my family’s history I was interested to see that my late mother’s best childhood friend Elsie Snitch is included on your website (my mother at that
    time being Edie Shearing b1918). I remember my mother had a lovely photo of Elsie Snitch and that’s why I remember her name. Also Elsie was one of my mother’s bridesmaids when my mother married in 1938 – unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the bridesmaids.
    Best Wishes for your research. Rena McCarthy (now living in Lancashire).

  17. Thank you so much for a wonderful site…and I shall enjoy perusing it at my leisure when I get the time. However, here are a few more interesting little things for you. Richard Richardson, the basket maker who was apprentice to his father in 1717 with the assistance of the “John Snitch Charity” was my x7 grandfather. He was born on 3 April 1703 and died 1779. His father was my great x8 grandfather Richard Richardson; and his mother was my great x8 grandmother Hannah Richardson…nee Snitch! She was the youngest of the five children of Francis Snitch, baptised in Potton on 22 August 1680 (her older siblings being John, Ann, Grace and William). Truly a case of charity begins at home, it would seem!! With kind regards, Jeremy Burrows.

  18. Lovely to see all the work done on the tree. It has helped me trace my origins. I am the Granddaughter of John Robert Snitch b.1891. I would like to correct information relating to my Aunt Joyce Snitch, she married once to Bernard Mowbray and died young in 1956. I did not know there were so many Snitch’s around. Best Wishes Rachel Godwin (daughter of Rosemary Snitch born 1930)

  19. Hi Pete, I just came across your site after searching for Gordon Terrace which I see John Snitch was born on, at number 9. My step-Grandfather and Great-grandfather were living at number 5 Gordon Terrace during the 1911 census but I can’t find any trace of it now. I notice there’s a sizable playing field off Buckingham Street, so I wondered if it is a spot of ‘Luftwaffe’ aided town planning had been at work. Best Wishes Thom Feeney.