This page is to try and relate what was going on in History at the time that individual Snitch’s were alive




Historical Events

Snitch Ralph                            (buried) 25-2-1642  1530 Henry 8th was on the throne, Catholic England changed to Protestant (Reformation)
1533 Elizabeth 1st, daughter of Ann Bolyne & Henry 8th was born
1540 Sir Francis Drake was born
1547 Henry 8th died, Edward was crowned king on 20th Feb
1553 Edward died, Mary Queen of Scots was crowned on 1st October
1559 Elizabeth 1st was crowned on 15th January
1567 James 6th was crowned King of Scots on 29th July
Snich(e) John(bapt) 9-1-1575 (William Snich(e)) 1588 Spanish Armada sets sail in May
1595 Sir Francis Drake died on 27th January
Sniche John (bapt) 25-11-1599   (Ralph Sniche/ Agnes Izod)  
Snitch John (Snytch)(bapt) 19-9-1602(John Snytch) 
Snitch William1602 (Ralph (SNICH-T)) 1603 Elizabeth 1st died, James 1st of England (6th of Scotland) was crowned king of England
United Kingdom was formed (John Speed drew the 1st map of the UK)
Snitch Thomas (Snytch)(bapt)  31-5-1604(John Snytch) 
Snitch William(bapt)  26-5-1605 (Ralph (SNICH-T))  
Snitch Francis (bapt)  7-12-1606    (Ralph)1606 The trial of Guy Fawkes begins on 27th January and he is executed on 31st January for plotting against Parliament and James 1st
Snitch Robert (bapt)  29-5-1608  (Ralph)
Snitch Henry (bapt)  7-3-1612(John )  
Snitch William29-2-1612(William/Anne) 1626 Charles 1st was crowned 2 Feb 1626
1626 Charles 1st declared war on Spain and dismissed Parliament and collect money for the war himself
Snitch John 1627 (William/Grace Peters) 
Snitch Dorothy (bapt) 20-3-1628(William/Grace Peters) 1628 Parliament was disbanded
Charles formed another parliament when the money ran out
1628 Buckingham was assassinated
Snitch Alice1629(William/Grace Peters) 
Snitch Ann (bapt) 16-2-1630(William/Grace Peters) 
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 11-5-1634(William/Grace Peters) 
Snitch Francis (bapt) 18-4-1636     (buried)  1697(William/Grace Peters) 
Snitch Judith (bapt) 9-6-1639(Leonard Snitch (Smyth) 1640 Newcastle was captured by the Scots, Parliament was reformed and Strafford was Beheaded
1641 Ireland attacked, Catholics verse the Protestants
1642 Parliament raised an army
1643 An alliance was struck up between Parliament and the Scots
1644 The alliance hammered the Royalists outside of York
1644-1645 Oliver Cromwell formed a new army “Parliamentarians”
1645 At the battle of Nasby, Oliver Cromwell beat the Royalists, Start of the end of the battle of Marston Moor
1648 Start of the second Civil War
1649 King Charles 1st Beheaded
1652 Charles 2nd was invited to become King of Scotland
1652, 3rd September was the Battle of Worcester, the Royalists lost to Oliver Cromwell
1653 Oliver Cromwell marched on parliament and shut it down, he set up an assembly which collapsed within a few months.  After Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector a new parliament was formed
1655 Oliver Cromwell set Major Generals to the Counties
Snitch John (bapt) 28-4-1658 (John/Elizabeth) 1658 Oliver Cromwell died, General George Monk had the king re-instated, Charles 2nd came to the throne
Snitch John 16-8-1660(Francis/Ann) 1661 Charles 2nd was crowned on 23 April 1661 and the restoration was started
1665 The Plague arrived and 1/6th of London’s population died
Snitch John (Snytch) (bapt) 16-12-1666
(buried) 30-11-1729 
(Francis Snytch/Ann)   1666 The Fire of London, it  was started in Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September until Wednesday 5th September, St Paul’s Cathedral  was in Ruins
Christopher Wren designed the new London and St Paul’s Cathedral
Snitch Anne (Snytch)  (bapt) 14-8-1670(Francis Snytch/Ann)  
Snitch Grace (bapt) 25-5-1673       (buried) 9-10-1696(Francis/Elizabeth )  
Snitch William(bapt) 13-4-1677(Francis/Ann )  
Snitch Hannah (bapt) 22-8-1680 (Francis/Ann ) 
Snitch Edward   9-5-1686 (Francis/Ann ) 1685 Charles 2nd died, James 2nd took over the throne and was crowned on 23 April 1685.  He tried to reverse the Catholic Laws and locked the protestant Bishops in the Tower of London
1688 James 2nd Abdicated on 11 Dec 1688
Great European war against Lovie.
William of Orange invaded with 600 boats and 20,000 troops.  He landed in Torbay on November 5th, James 1st fled and was de-throned
1689 William of Orange & Mary were crowned King & Queen
James 1st landed in Ireland with 20.000 French troops
1690 Battle of the River Boyne, James 1st joined with the Irish Catholics against the English.
Scottish Clans remained loyal to James. 
1691 William of Orange carried out the massacre at Glen Coe, Famine & Pestilence was rife in Scotland.  William Paterson, founder of The Bank Of England opened a trading post in Panama “Darian Scheme”
Snitch Sarah  (bapt) 2-7-1693(John/Sarah Fisher ) 
Snitch John (birth) 25-11-1696
(bapt) 29-11-1696  
(John/Sarah Fisher ) 1702 Queen Anne succeeded William  and was crowned on 23 April.
James Edward Stewart with the French
£389,000 was offered by the English to join union with the English
Snitch Thomas(birth) 8-6-1703
(bapt) 13-6-1703
(John/Sarah Fisher ) 1707 The Treaty of Union was  formed
Snitch Elizabeth (Snach)  (bapt) 10-10-1714 (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)  1712 Robert Walpole (Cock Robin, 1st Prime Minister) was sent to prison for embezzlement.
The British economy boomed.
Queen Anne died.  George 1st was crowned 20 Oct.
Jacobite uprising in Scotland
Snitch Ann (bapt) 10-2-1716      (buried) 22-6-1736(Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)  
Snitch Alice (Snith)   (bapt) 5-10-1718(Francis/Elizabeth Parker) 
Snitch John (bapt) 26-11-1721 (John/Mary)   
Snitch Sarah (birth) 29-2-1723 (bapt) 10-3-1723(Francis/Elizabeth Parker) 1727 George 2nd, was crowned on 11 Oct .  George 1st was an Hanover protestant and didn’t speak English
1728 Captain James Cook was born on 27th October in Marton, North Yorkshire
Snitch Mary(bapt) 30-3-1729 (Thomas/Mary Draper)  
Snitch Martha(bapt) 15-4-1733(Francis/ Elizabeth Parker) 
Snitch Francis(bapt) 29-12-1734  (Thomas/Mary Draper) 
Snitch Ann(bapt)  31-7-1737(Thomas/Mary Draper)  
Snitch James (birth) 1739             (buried) 24-11-1825  
Snitch John (bapt)  23-7-1740(Thomas/Mary Draper) 1741 Robert Walpole was thrown out of Government.
War with Spain
Snitch James  (bapt) 1-6-1743  (John/Margaret) 
Snitch John (bapt) 23-7-1743  (John/Margaret) 1745 Jacobites – Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stewart) sailed from France and took over England as far as Derby.
1746 Jacobite lost the war at Culloden and Charles fled back to France.  Adam Smith formed the “Wealth of Nations”.
Snitch Mary (bapt)  9-9-1753(Thomas/ Elizabeth Saunders) 
Snitch Charlotte (bapt) 16-4-1754(Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 26-12-1756(Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Mary(bapt) 30-1-1757(John/Rose Dennys) 
Snitch James (bapt) 10-9-1758(Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders) 
Snitch Ann (bapt) 16-3-1759(Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders) 1759 The stronghold of French fell, Quebec & Montreal fell and made America British until we taxed them
George 3rd was on the throne
Snitch William(bapt) 12-8-1759(John/Rose Dennys) 
SNEECH Sarah (bapt) 9-5-1760  (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch William (bapt) 2-8-1761        (buried) 4-9-1782 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders) 1761 George 3rd was crowned on 22nd September
Snitch George (bapt) 8-4-1764(Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  1765 John Adams, American of Boston would not pay taxes.  This was known as the Boston Tea Party
Snitch Olive (bapt) 15-3-1767 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 8-4-1767
(died) 23-5-1800
Snitch Rebecca(birth) 7-1-1768       (bapt) 7-6-1768          (buried) 11-2-1841(James/Rebecca)  1769 Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15th in Ajaccio, Corsica
1770 Ludwig van Beethoven was born on 16th December in Bonn, Germany
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 29-5-1776(John/Hannah) 1779 Captain James Cook died on 14th February at Kealakekua Bay, Hawai
England surrendered in Yorktown, Virginia
Snitch Thomas 1784   1788 Buick printed nature books
1788 Penal transportation to Australia by Great Britain commenced on 26th January
1789 French Revolution, Fall of the Bastille
SUTCH Sarah (bapt)  6-6-1790 1790 Wordsworth visited France
Snitch Frank(bapt) 29-1-1790
(died) 24-11-1825
(James/Elizabeth) 1790 US President George Washington give the first State of Union Address on 8th January
1790 Benjamin Franklin dies aged 84 on 17th April
Snitch Charles James(bapt) 13-9-1796
(died) 1870
(James/Elizabeth) 1796 Edward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination
Snitch John   26-2-1797
(died) 20-2-1867
(William/Lucy Page) 1797 John Adams succeeds George Washington as the President of the United States on 4th March
Snitch Mary (bapt) 25-12-1799 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  1799 Richard Wesley built the Palace in Calcutta
Snitch Elizabeth(bapt) 14-9-1799(John/Ann Foster) 
Snitch Hannah (bapt) 25-12-1800 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)1800 The US Library of Congress was founded on 24th April
1800 Great Britain passes the Act of Union to join Great Britain and Ireland into the United Kingdom to take effect from January 1st 1801
Snitch Sarah (bapt)  7-2-1802 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)1802 West Point is established on 16th March and on 4th July, United States Military Academy opens
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 8-9-1804(William/Lucy Page) 
Snitch James   
Snitch John (bapt) 20-1-1805(Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt) 
Snitch Rebecca (bapt) 3-8-1806(Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt) 1807 On 25th March the Swansea & Mumbles Railway became the first passenger carrying railway in the world
Snitch Anne(bapt) 17-4-1808 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  
Snitch Mary Ann 1809                        (buried) 5-9-1826 1809 James Madison succeeds Thomas Jefferson as the President of the United States on 4th March
Snitch Elizabeth  (bapt) 4-12-1810(Thomas/Mary)  
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 30-12-1812(Thomas/Mary)  
Snitch Francis (bapt) 12-12-1815 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  1815 Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned and exiled to the Island of St Helena on 15th October by the British
Snitch Thomas 1817  (Thomas)1819 Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) is born on 24th May
Florence Nightingale was born on 12th May
Snitch Kezia 1821(Thomas/Jemima)1821 George 4th was Crowned on 19 July
Snitch Thomas(bapt) 20-10-1821   (buried) 12-5-1881(John/Elizabeth Foster)  1821 Napoleon Bonaparte died on May 5th on St Helena and was buried in an unmarked tomb
SNETCH Anne (birth) 5-1-1821    (Frank Snetch/Ann Dilly) 
Snitch Charles James (birth) 21-1-1822 
(died) 15-7-1844  (buried) 23-7-1844
(Frank Snitch/Ann Dilly) 
Snitch Ann (bapt) 23-11-1823(James/Mary Carr ) 
Snitch William 15-2-1824
(buried) 10-9-1906
(John/Elizabeth Foster) 1824 Edinburgh Town Council makes a decision to found the Edinburgh Municipal Fire Brigade the first fire brigade in Britain
Snitch John  (bapt) 10-4-1825(James/Mary Carr)  
Snitch Mary  5-2-1826              (buried) 1843(John/Elizabeth Foster) 1826 The American Temperance Society was founded on 13th February
Snitch Thomas 1826(1841 Census for Ramsey)  
Snitch Lucy (bapt) 29-4-1827(James/Mary Carr ) 1827 Ludwig van Beethoven died on 26th March
Snitch Jane  1828 (John)  
Snitch Lucy 4-5-1828 (John /Elizabeth Foster)  
Snitch Lucy (bapt) 20-12-1829(James & Mary Carr )  1831 William 4th was crowned on 8 September
1831 Chief Sitting Bull was born
Snitch Sarah 22-7-1832 (John/Elizabeth Foster)
Snitch James (bapt) 11-4-1832 (James & Mary Carr) 
Snitch Henry (birth) 1833
(baptism) 9-8-1835         
(buried) 3-1900
(John/Elizabeth Foster)  
Snitch George 26-5-1833 (John/Elizabeth Foster) 1838 Victoria was  crowned on 28th June
1839 George Armstrong Custer (Colonel Custer) is born on 5th December in New Rumley, Ohio, USA
Snitch John Thomas 21-12-1840            (buried) 1912(John/Elizabeth Foster) 
Snitch Rachel   16-6-1841(Thomas/Susanna Walsh)1841 The Oregon Trail was used by settlers migrating to the Pacific Northwest, this continued until 1869 when the Transcontinental Railway was opened
1842 On 16th May saw the first organised wagon train on the Oregon Trail with more than 100 pioneers led by Elijah White
Snitch Francis  1845(Francis/Frances Swepson) 
Snitch James   1846                     (buried) 1916  (John/Elizabeth Foster)  
Snitch Eleanor  1848 (John/Jane Larritt) 
Snitch Hannah 1849  (Thomas/Ann Gowler) 
Snitch George 2-2-1851(Lucy Snitch)  
Snitch Eliza (bapt) 26-10-1851(Thomas/Ann Gowler) 
Snitch Ann (birth) 23-3-1852
(bapt) 1-8-1854
(John/Jane Larritt)  (Wesleyan Methodist) 
Snitch James 1853(Thomas) 
Snitch Charles 19-4-1854               (died) 3-1-1931       (buried) 7-1-1931(Thomas/Ann Gowler) 1854 The United Kingdom declares war on Russia, Crimean War, begins on March 27th
1854 Florence Nightingale leaves for the Crimean war on 21st October
Snitch James  8-7-1855
(buried) 19-1-1906   
(William/Sarah Knight)  
Snitch Thomas1855                     (buried) 15-5-1920 (James/Eliza Dawson)1855 Nicholas 1 of Russia, 11th Tsar of Russia died on 2nd March
Snitch Ellen1856(John)   
Snitch Mary(birth) 1856 
(bapt) 15-2-1866 
(John/Jane Larritt) (Methodist) 
Snitch Thomas1857   1857 France & the United Kingdom declare war on China on March 3rd in the Second Opium War
Snitch George 12-4-1857(Henry/Emma Seaton) 
Snitch Mary13-3-1857(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  
Snitch Ann   23-3-1857    (James/Eliza Dawson)  
Snitch Emma 31-7-1859               (buried) 1954(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  
Snitch Elizabeth20-5-1860(Thomas/Ann Gowler)   1861 Saw the start of the American Civil War between the Union and Confederates, hostilities began on 12th April
Snitch Elizabeth (birth) 23-4-1862
(bapt) 2-5-1862
Born in Huntingdon Union Workhouse 
Snitch Alice Ann 1862 (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  
Snitch James  (birth) 1863
(bapt) 15-2-1866      (buried) 1945  
(John/Jane Larritt)1863 Arthur Snitch Emigrated to the USA landing in New York before travelling to Cleveland Ohio where he settled with his parents.  Some of his descendants still live there to this day
Snitch George(birth) 4-3-1863   
(bapt) 28-2-1864    
(died) 7-2-1921
(Henry/Emma Seaton) 
Snitch Arthur 26-10-1863          (buried) 1921(William/Sarah Knight) 
Snitch Ruth 2-12-1863  (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  
Snitch Emma 1864 (Details off 1901 Census) 1864 Charring Cross Railway Station opens in London on 11th January
Snitch Mary  30-7-1865(Henry/Emma Seaton)  1865 The Confederate Army collapsed after General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Court House on 9th April
Snitch George Harry(birth) 1865
(bapt) 18-7-1875
   (buried) 1924
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  
Snitch Polly  1865  (Henry/Emma Seaton)   
Snitch George 19-8-1865
(buried) 1951  
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) 
Snitch Thomas 1866  (Details off 1901 Census) 
Snitch Mary Elizabeth(bapt) 1-7-1866
(died) 16-8-1929  
(James/Hannah Key) 
Snitch Alice Ann 27-10-1867(John Thomas/Elizabeth Key)  
Snitch Willie (birth) 1867
(bapt) 18-7-1875

(buried) 1963
(Thomas/Ann Gowler) 1869 The Suez Canal was opened to shipping on 17th November after 11 years of excavation
1869 The first transcontinental railway was completed across the USA
Snitch Annie(birth) 1870
(bapt) 18-7-1875
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  1870 Vladimir Lllich Ulyanov later known as Lenin was born on 10th April
Snitch William1870(Details of 1901 Census) 
Snitch Annie Day(bapt)  11-9-1871(James/Alice Day)  
Snitch Albert Edward      22-12-1871
(buried) 1874
(James/Hannah Key)  
Snitch Ellen11-6-1873
(buried) 26-8-1940
(William/Sarah Knight)  
Snitch James Day(birth) 8-1874 
(bapt) 29-11-1874
(James/Alice Day) 1874 Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on 30th November
Snitch Rose  (birth) 1875
(bapt) 18-7-1875
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)   
Snitch John Thomas  5-3-1876             (buried) 1966  (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) 1876 Colonel Custer dies on 25th June at the battle of Little Bighorn
Snitch Ada May     1877 (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  1877 Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India on 1st Jan
Snitch James Albert27-12-1877           (buried) 1952      (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) 
Snitch John10-1-1878             (buried) 1945(James/Alice Day) 
Snitch Emily   1880
(died) 24-12-1897
(James/Alice Day) 1880 Thomas Edison patented the first electric incandescent lamp
Snitch Edith    19-6-1881 (George/Lizzie Storey)  
Snitch Alice23-6-1882(James/Alice Day) 
Snitch Lissy 1883 (Walter/Louisa)1883 Slavery is banned throughout the British Empire on 28th August
Snitch Alice Emily (birth) 1-4-1884
(bapt) 4-5-1884

(buried) 1974 
(George/Lizzie Storey)  
Snitch George (birth) 25-5-1884
(died) 20-3-1963     (buried) 26-3-1963 
(James/Alice Day)  
Snitch Fred Thomas 28-3-1885
(died) 1932
(Emma Snitch) 
Snitch Ethel  26-6-1886(James/Alice Day)  
Snitch Thomas1887    (Charles/Grace Neall) 1887 Thomas Snitch emigrated to Quebec, Canada.  He was the Diesel Engine Supervisor on the first non stop diesel rail car to travel across Canada in a record breaking 67 hours
Snitch Alfred George13-1-1887
(died) 1933
(George/Lilain Strong)  
Snitch Thomas 7-7-1888
(died) 21-5-1968  
(James/Alice Day)1888 In February John Dunlop a Scottish Veterinarian invented the pneumatic tyre to enable his 10yr old son to have a smoother ride on his bike
Snitch Frederick John  6-4-1889
(buried) 1938
(George/Lilian Strong)   
Snitch Rose1889
(died) 5-8-1970
(Charles/Grace Neall) 
Snitch Sarah E 23-2-1890                (died) 28-9-1966     (buried) 1-1–1966 (Arthur/Christina Bauer)1890 On July 29th Van Gogh died
1890 Chief Sitting Bull died on 15th December
Snitch Eliza(bapt) 28-9-1890
(died) 18-12-1986
(George/Lizzie Storey) 
Snitch Lucy 28-3-1891   (James/Alice Day) 1891 Yellowstone becomes the first National Park in America
Snitch John Robert1891                    (buried) 1960 (James/Sarah Brawn)  
Snitch Kathy1891   
Snitch Ellen1892(Details of 1901 Census)1892 Ellis Island opens for processing the flood of immigration to the USA
Snitch Albert Victor 18-3-1892
(died) 1979
(George/Lilian Strong)  
Snitch Wilbert Arthur   19-9-1891
(died) 19-6-1951
(buried) 21-6-1951 
(Arthur/Christina Bauer) 
Snitch James Leslie1893                 (buried) 1961(James/Sarah Brawn)  
Snitch Hannah1894    (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey) 1894 The Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson dies
Snitch Annie Jane    1894                   (buried) 1994     (James/Sarah Brawn) 
Snitch Fred1895(Details of 1901 Census) 
Snitch Minnie May 28-1-1895 (George/Lilian Strong)  
Snitch Nellie    (bapt) 5-2-1895  (Charles /Grace Neall)  
Snitch Florence Lizzie(birth) 21-11-1895
(bapt) 5-1-1896 
(George/Lizzie Storey)  
Snitch Roy Leonard 24-10-1895
(died) 16-3-1949 
(Arthur/Christina Bauer)1896 H.L. Smith takes the first X-ray photograph
1896 On April 6th was the opening ceremony of the 1896 Summer Olympics, the first modern Olympic Games
Snitch Lillian 13-5-1897             (buried) 1976  (George/Lilian Strong) 
Snitch John Thomas 6-4-1898             (buried) 1974     (John Thomas /Bertha Devereux)  
Snitch Harry Bernard  (birth) 21-7- 1898
(bapt) 28-8-1898
  (buried) 1978   
(George/Lizzie Storey)  
Snitch Florence Hester 2-9-1899
(died) 10-6-1976
(George/Lilian Strong) 1899 on 17th January Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York and was baptised Alphonsus
Snitch Ellen25-6-1900
(died) 7-12-1956
(buried) 14-12-1956
(George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)  
Snitch Annie 1900  (James/Sarah Brawn)  
Snitch James 4-6-1900
(died) 2-10-1965
(John/Louisa Fuller) 
Snitch Albert James   4-7-1901
(died) 21-7-1990
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)1901 Queen Victoria dies on 22nd January
1901 The six colonies in Australia became a Federation on 1st January and the Commonwealth of Australia was formed
Snitch William     1902                  (buried)1903               (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey) 1902 Edward 7th was crowned on 9th August
Snitch Charles William 19-1-1902
(buried) 1926 
(Charles/Grace Neal)  
Snitch Eric Ernest  1903                   (buried) 1968 (James/Sarah Brawn)  1903 Henry Ford began selling his Model A auto for $850 on 16th June
Snitch Elizabeth 1903    
Snitch Alfred George (birth) 25-2-1903
 (bapt) 12-4-1903  
  (died) 1-3-1982  
(George/Lizzie Storey)  
Snitch Robert Richard 13-9-1903
(died) 10-12-1986 
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) 1903 On December 17th man’s first flight in an heavier than air vehicle occurred in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  The inventors were Orville & Wilber Wright.  The first flight was for 12 seconds at a height of 120 feet
Snitch Ethel 1904  1904 The first section of the New York Subway was opened between City Hall & 145th Street
Snitch Mabel1904  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)  
Snitch Leonard Frederick   7-12-1905
(died) 9-8-1995
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) 1905 The first Russian Revolution started on January 22nd in St Petersburg
Snitch Louisa 3-5-1906 (John/Louisa Fuller)  
Snitch Frederick Roland  11-7-1906
(died) 1993
(Fred Thomas/ Margaret Smith)   
Snitch Flora Alice  24-2-1907
(died) 24-12-1993
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) 1907 Maiden voyage of new passenger liner RMS Lusitania
Snitch John 24-6-1908
(died) 1992
(John/Louisa Fuller)  1908 Henry Ford produces his famous Model T automobile on 27th September
Snitch Ada May 1909 (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery) 
Snitch Charles William13-11-1909           (buried) 1985(Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)   
Snitch Edith Elizabeth  1-3-1910
(died) 27-11-1999 
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) 1910 Florence Nightingale died on 13th August
Snitch Ivy 20-4-1911 (John/Louisa Fuller)   1911 George 5th was crowned on 22nd June
Snitch Clarence Marcus 28-2-1912            (buried) 1974 (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)   
Snitch Bessie Winifred  13-7-1912(Frederick John/Ethel Hawken)1912 RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg at 11:40pm on 14th April and sinks at 2:20am on 15th April taking with it 1500 victims
1912 Harriet Quimby is the first woman to fly across the Atlantic on 16th April
Snitch Arthur George4-5-1913    (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)    
Snitch Lillian Violet  1913    (Alfred / Lilian E Lock)  
Snitch Winifred(birth) 18-12-1913
(bapt) 23-8-1913  
(Thomas/Lily Maud Smith)  
Snitch Roy    1-7-1914    (Thomas/Edith Parrish) 1914 June 28th the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was the immediate cause for the 1st World War
1914 On 15th August the Panama Canal was formally opened 2years ahead of schedule
Snitch George Alfred3-6-1915
(died) 1-11-1994
(Alfred George/ Lock)   
Snitch Enid Alice15-9-1915
(died) 14-4-2000
(George/Harriett Pepper) 
Snitch Victor  25-4-1916
(died) 12-4-1985
(Thomas/Lily Maud Smith)  1916 Battle of Jutland commenced on 31st May
Snitch George 10-11-1916
(died) 10-10-1995
(George/Harriett Pepper) 
Snitch Marie Josephine Elizabeth1917(Alfred George/Lilian Lock)1917 April saw the United States join the allies in WW1
Snitch Minerva 1917
(buried) 1976
(Wilbert Arthur/ Lulu Schwab) 
Snitch Edward Norman   1918
(buried) 1992
(Frederick John/Ethel Hawken) 1918 The Royal Air Force is formed on 1st April by the merging of the Royal Flying Corp and the Royal Naval Air Service
November 11th the Allied powers signed an Armistice with Germany, although the Treaty of Versailles wasn’t signed until 28 June 1919
Snitch Elsie    1918    (John/Louisa Fuller) 1918 to 1919 saw the Great Pandemic.  This influenza epidemic was a global catastrophe known as Spanish Flu is believed to have caused 40 million deaths worldwide
Snitch Margaret May 1920   (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)  
Snitch Arthur25-5-1920
(died) 2-1986
(John/Louisa Fuller) 1920 On 16th January Prohibition begins in the USA
Snitch May Louisa Bertha      1920(John Thomas/May Kitchen)  
Snitch Wilbert Leonard  8-3-1921
(died) 12-10-1995     (buried ) 19-10-1995
(Wilbert Arthur/Lulu Schwab)  
Snitch Edna M 1922 (Frederick/Ethel Hawken)1922 The British Broadcasting Corporation begins radio service in the UK on 14th November
Snitch John Thomas 8-5-1922              (buried) 1975      (John Thomas/May Kitchen) 
Snitch June Anita 17-6-1923
(died) 25-5-1984 
(Harry Bernard/Wilson)1923 John Logie Baird of Scotland invented the Television
Snitch Dorothy Edith May   19-6-1923
(died) 17-1-2000     
(Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)  
Snitch Dorothy Edith (birth) 26-11-1924    (Bapt) 4-1-1926
(died) 3-12-1995
 (John Thomas/May Kitchen)  1924 Lenin died on 21st January in Gorki
Snitch Elroy Arthur11-12-1924
(died) 17-6-1942 
(Roy Leonard/Molly Minke) 1924 Clarence Birdseye invented Frozen Food in the USA
Snitch Henry James11-1-1925
(died) 24-10-1986
(Alfred George/Lock)  
Snitch Leonard Ralph24-8-1926
(died) 1-2-2001 
(Roy Leonard/Molly Minke) 1926 Princess Elizabeth was born 21st April in London
1926 The General Strike starts on 3rd May in the UK and on 9th May Martial Law is declared.  On 2nd December Stanley Baldwin ends Martial Law
Snitch Hilda Maud  (birth) 14-11-1926
(bapt) 26-12-1926
(John Thomas/May Kitchen) 
Snitch Colin Frederick   12-6-1927 (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows) 1927 The first Transatlantic telephone call is made between New York and London on 7th January                                        
Snitch Harold Wilbert17-9-1927(Roy Leonard/Molly Minke) 
Snitch Joyce M 1927(John Robert/Dorothy Summers)  1927 The first solo non-stop transatlantic flight from New York to Paris was made by Charles Lindbergh on 20th-21st May
Snitch Michael John 1928      (Eric Ernest/Nellie Clayton) 1928 Alexandra Fleming invented Antibiotics
Snitch Julia Frances 1-7-1928
(died) 1-11-2002
(Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)  
Snitch Peggy Edith Margaret 2-5-1929    (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows)  1929 saw the stock market crash on October 24th, known as Black Thursday and caused the start of the Great Depression.
Snitch Robert Richard 14-3-1929(Robert Snitch/Frances Willeter)  1929 on 14th February saw the most notorious killing by Al Capone known as the “St Valentine’s Day Massacre”
Snitch Rosemary J 1930 (John Robert/Dorothy Summers)   
Snitch Albert Victor    20-6-1930  (Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)   
Snitch Douglas Leonard 27-2-1931 (Robert Snitch/Frances Willeter)1931 saw the completion of the Empire State Building
Snitch Betty Elizabeth1931   (John Thomas/May Kitchen)   
Snitch Reginald Harry M 7-10-1931     (Ellen Snitch)  
Snitch Dorothy May11-10-1932   (Leonard/Una May Riddell)1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge opens on March 19th
Snitch Rachel Ann York 1933  (Eric Ernest/Grace Parker)    
Snitch Joyce Margaret 7-4-1933      (Frederick/Edith Meadows)   
Snitch Eileen Dawn16-1-1934  (Leonard/Una May Riddell) 
Snitch Brian Peter     3-5-1935   (Clarence/Betty Harris)  1935 Elvis Aaron Presley was born on 8th January
Snitch Alec Charles  14-7-1935 (Charles/Christina Langley)  1937 George 6th was crowned on 12th May
Snitch George William   22-7-1939
(died) 14-4-1989
(Charles/Christina Langley)1939 September 3rd Britain & France declare war on Germany.  14th October Battleship Royal Oak is sunk by a “U” boat captained by Gunther Prien.
Snitch Monica M 1940 (George/Wilson)1940 May 27th the Evacuation from Dunkirk begins
Snitch Terrance Michael  5-7-1940   (Robert Richard/Frances Willeter)  
Snitch Loraine Shirley  1940  (George A/Shirley)  
Snitch Allan George14-3-1941(Alfred/Stella Morris)1941 May 26th battleship Bismarck is sunk by the Royal Navy.  2nd December 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbour and on 11 December Japan attacks Burma
Snitch Graeme Morris1-1-1943(Alfred/Stella Morris) 
Snitch Carole Ann  25-1-1943(John/Alice Wells)  
Snitch Allan Leonard24-10-1943(Leonard/Una May Riddell)1943 Wing Commander Guy Gibson leads the Dambusters Raid on 16th May
Snitch Terence Stanley 24-3-1944   (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows)1944 on 13th June the 1st VI Flying Bomb lands in Britain & on 8th September the 1st V2 land in Britain
Snitch Kenneth Harry 14-7-1944  (Leonard/Helen Koehler)   
Snitch Peter Alan14-12-1944(Albert/Dorothy Willeter) 
Snitch Paul Arthur Maynard 10-2-1945 (Arthur/Jean Heather Maynard) 1945 Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun commit suicide on 1st May and on 2nd May the Commander of German Troops in Berlin surrenders.  4th May all military forces in Germany surrenders to the Allies
Snitch Anthony Richard  20-2-1945(Hilda Maud Snitch) 1945 on 2nd September General Douglas MacArthur accepts Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay
Snitch David 3-2-1947  (Victor/Bessie May Seymour) 1947 On 25th January Al Capone died from cardiac arrest
Snitch John Herbert   14-5-1947               (died) 15-3-1967    (buried) 23-3-1967(Leonard/Helen Koehler) 
Snitch Joanne Carol14-5-1947 (Leonard/Helen Koehler)  
Snitch Merilee Margeret 2 -2-1947   (Arthur George/Jean Maynard)  
Snitch Douglas George 11-6-1948 (Margaret May Snitch) 1948  Mahatma Ghandhi is murdered by Nathuram Godse on 30th January
Snitch Brian James12-6-1949(John/Alice Wells)  
Snitch David Peter 19-5-1949(Edward/Eileen Tuddenham)  
Snitch Jennifer K  1950(Clarence/ Betty Harris)  
Snitch William  Leonard 9-8-1950(Leonard/Helen Koehler) 
Snitch Anne E  21-2-1951 (Colin/Irene Munday)  
Snitch Donald Roy 9-10-1951
(died) 28-10-2002
(Leonard/Helen Koehler)  
Snitch Wilbert Leonard2-9-1951(Wilbert/Agnes Sammons) 
Snitch Douglas Harold  24-5-1953 (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons) 1953 Elizabeth 2nd was crowned on 2nd June
Snitch Robert Arthur24-5-1953 (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons)   
Snitch Peter John 3-1-1953  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)   
Snitch Elaine F1954  (Michael/Joan Wallace)1954 The first Nuclear-powered submarine was launched on 21st January.  The USS Nautilus was launched in Groton, Connecticut by the Mamie Eisenhower
1954 On March 1st America announced that the first Hydrogen Bomb had been tested on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Snitch Thomas Harold14-7-1954 (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) 1954 The worlds first atomic power station opens at Obninsk, near Moscow on 27th June
Snitch Nigel Robert 4-9-1954 (Robert/Brenda Mariann Hunt) 1954 Roger Bannister runs the first 4 minute mile on 6th May
Snitch Mark Robert  12-11-1955  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  
Snitch Angela J 1955 (Michael/Joan Wallace) 
Snitch Nadina Judith23-3-1956(Robert/Brenda Hunt)1956 Saw the start of the Vietnam War which lasted until 30th April 1975
Snitch Stephen D13-8-1956 (Douglas/Doreen Smith)  
Snitch Reginald John 20-9-1957    (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  1957 The first satellite known as Sputnik is launched by the Russians
Snitch Kathleen Joan12-2-1957 (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek)  
Snitch Rhondda Jean  15-2-1957 (Arthur/Jean Heather Maynard)  
Snitch Stephen  26-1-1958(Arthur/Joyce Clark)  
Snitch Nadina Judith23-3-1958(Robert/Brenda Mariann Hunt) 1958 On March 2nd a British team led by Sir Vivian Fuchs completes the first crossing of Antarctica in snow cat tractors and dogsled teams in 99 days 7
Snitch Trevor Paul1958  (Colin/Irene Munday)  
Snitch David Michael11-9-1958
(died) 11-9-1980
(Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) 
Snitch Rose May26-3-1959(Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  
Snitch Philip Stewart 26-8-1959(Arthur/Jean Maynard)  
Snitch Christopher 18-1-1959(Douglas/Doreen Smith) 
Snitch Alan Ian25-2- 1960(Reginald/Brender Fletcher) 1960 The Beatles pop group were formed although they originally formed in March 1957 as the Quarrymen
Snitch David John  25-3-1961    (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) 1961 Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin is the first human in space
1961 Neil Shepard becomes the first US astronaut into space
Snitch Ian Peter  2-10-1961(Brian/Doreen Hayden) 
Snitch Karlton Miles Roland 17-9-1962  (Terence/Sandra White)1962 was the closest the world came to a nuclear war when Russia started to build missile bases in Cuba, this was known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis”
Snitch Stephen George27-12-1962(Arthur/Jean Maynard) 1962 US communication Satellite “Telstar” is launched
Snitch Heather G16-5-1962    (Douglas/Doreen Smith) 
Snitch Robin Clayton 22-5-1963(Robert/Brenda Mariann Hunt) 1963 Russia launches the first woman into space
Snitch John  1964(Arthur/Joyce Clark)  
Snitch Steven Terrance  13-1-1964(Terence/Sandra White)   
Snitch Bruce Edward    12-12-1965(Kenneth/Sharon) 1965 Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill died on 24th January
Snitch Craig Anthony27-8-1965     (Allen/Beverley Watt)  
Snitch Nancy Ann    19-3-1966(Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) 
Snitch Paul Stephen 7-12-1966 (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  
Snitch Glen James    6-1-1967(George/Mary Derbyshire)  
Snitch Clive Lawrence 29-10-1967  (Terence/Sandra White) 
Snitch Mark Allen1-11-1967(Allen/Joyce Forth) 
Snitch Debra Louise3-4-1968  (George/Mary Derbyshire) 
Snitch Michael Barry  25-8-1968      (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  
SNITH Ian 1968 (Maddocks)  
Snitch Eric John 16 -4-1968(Kenneth/Sharon) 
Snitch John Paul 28-10-1968 (Paul /Linda Margaret Barry) 
Snitch Michele Louise24-5-1969  (Peter Alan/Jennifer Brawn)  1969 Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon
Snitch Wendy Carol2-2-1970(Kenneth/Sharon) 
Snitch Phillippa Linda 5-8-1970(Paul /Linda Margaret Barry) 
Snitch Kevin Lee1971 (SNITCH) 5691/S 
Snitch Donna Elsie11-9-1971(Allen/Joyce Forth) 
Snitch Paul Alan21-5-1972  (Peter Alan/Jennifer Brawn) 
Snitch Kellee Joy31-10-1972(Allen/Beverley Watt) 
Snitch Emily Jane 1974  (Nadina Snitch)  
Snitch Todd Eliot 7-10-1974(Douglas/Melody Parker)1975 On 30th April the Vietnam War finished
Snitch Gillian  17-5-1977 (Brian/Linder Everton) 1977 Elvis Aaron Presley died on 16th August
Snitch Michael Leonard1-11-1977   (Wilbert Leonard/Ann Saxton)  
Snitch Justin Lee  17-9-1977(William/Colleen White)  
Snitch Donna Marie20-4-1978   (Rose May Snitch) 
Snitch Gary29-3-1979   (Brian/Linder Everton)  
Snitch Bryan Robert  16-10-1979(Robert/Anna Graham)  
Snitch Steven 30-12-1979  (Rose May Snitch)  
Snitch Lisa Rose  5-9-1981(Rose May Snitch)  
Snitch Brad Christopher 25-12-1982(Robert/Anna Graham) 1982 The Falklands Conflict was triggered by the occupation of South Georgia by Argentina on 19th March followed by the occupation of the Falklands and ended when Argentina surrendered on 14th June
Snitch Rachel Marie   4-2-1982(William/Colleen White)  
Snitch Stephen22-2-1983 (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey)  
Snitch Sky Elizabeth12-9-1983(Mark Robert/Narida Dean)  
Snitch Timothy Gabriel27-4-1983(Kenneth Harry/Severa Vega) 
Snitch Claire 1984(John/Teresa Smith) 
Snitch Daniel 26-6-1984   (Rose May Snitch)  
Snitch Danielle Karen27-8-1984(Stephen/Karen Beevor)  
Snitch Michael Francis 14-11-1984(William/Colleen White) 
Snitch Mathew Blake3-10-1984(Douglas/Melody Parker)  
Snitch Lewis Adam17-5-1985(Nigel/Fiona Wilson)  
Snitch Christopher Paul  9-1985 (Trevor/Hayley Wright) 
Snitch Damion 23-8-1986(Steven/Karen Beevor)  
Snitch Michelle Brenda 3-1986
(died) 29-5-2002  
(Rose May Snitch)  
Snitch Krystle Anne 2-3-1986(Mark Robert/Nerida Dean) 
Snitch Carla 3-1987 (John/Teresa Smith) 
Snitch Jason Lee 23-4-1987 (Reginald/Tracy Dale)  
Snitch Candice Ann22-8-1987(Graeme/Michelle Westlake) 
Snitch Daniel Stephen3-10-1987(Stephen/Elizabeth Lovas)  
Snitch Michael Peter  22-11-1987 (Peter John/Wanda Stiles)  
Snitch Adam John15-5-1988 (Karlton/Gillian Rees) 
Snitch Richard David14-11-1988(David/Susan Curwen)  
Snitch Heather Anne  1988(Philip/Margo Anne) 
Snitch Alysha Sarah7-1-1989(Graeme/Michelle Westlake) 
Snitch Robert Christopher  5-6-1989  (Christopher/Julie Heale) 
Snitch Mathew10-12-1989    (Stephen/Linda Lee)  
Snitch Leon Ashley23-7-1990 (Nigel Robert/Fiona Wilson) 1990 The Gulf War between Iraq and the United Nations started on 2nd Aug and finished on 28th February 1991
Snitch Amy Louise 7-9-1990 (Karlton/Gillian Rees)  
Snitch Jerome Clinton  1990 (Downs)  
Snitch Aaron Reese8-8-1990  
Snitch Sadie Nicole31-12-1990(Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey) 
Snitch Natalie    16-5-1991   (Christopher/Julie Heal)  
Snitch Mathew John1-10-1991 (Reginald/Tracy Dale)  
Snitch Shelly Celestral 24-11-1991(Mark Robert/Nerida Dean) 
Snitch Daniel Robert 15-11-1992(Ian/Eleanor Hills)  
Snitch Ryan Dennis27-9-1992(Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey) 
Snitch Stewart Colin 1992(Philip/Margo Anne) 
Snitch Timothy1993  (Kenneth/Vera)  
Snitch Andrew Frazer Brander12-7-1994 (Peter Alan /Eileen Ewing)  
Snitch Lee 1-9-1994 (David/Susan Curwen)  
Snitch Tyler Marcus22-10-1994(Mark/Karen Fiorini) 
Snitch Sarah June 7-6-1995(Ian/Eleanor Hills)  
Snitch Jordan Innes 12-8-1995(Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch James Oliver 4-7-1996   (Glen/Michelle Barnwell)  
Snitch Nathan Kevin20-2-1996(Mark/Karen Fiorini) 
Snitch Ethan McKenzie7-11-1997(Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch Rebecca Charlotte29-12-1997(Clive/Katie Wilks)  
Snitch Adam Joe Peter 20-3-1998(Ian/Eleanor Hills)  
Snitch Ian Mathew29-6-1998(Todd/Nicole Pelatier)  
Snitch Jessica May (Stephen/Diane Hines) 
Snitch Samantha Kate (Stephen/Diane Hines) 
Snitch Olive Minnie14-1-2000(Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch Charlotte25-1-2000(Paul/Christine Nichols)  
Snitch Hannah     27-6-2000(Clive/Katie Wilks)  
Snitch James Anthony Jack22-11-2002(Stephen/Joanne Griffin)  
Snitch Dorothy May  (Leonard/May Redel) 
Snitch Margaret Joan (Leonard/May Redel)  
Snitch Alan Leonard (Leonard/May Redel)  
Snitch Craig Anthony  (Alan/Beveley)  
Snitch Kellee Joy (Alan/Beverly)  
Snitch Eileen Dawn (Leonard/May Redel) 
Snitch Christian  2003(Donna Marie Snitch) 2003 The Iraq war (2nd Gulf War) began on 20th March
Snitch Reilly Taylor 30-9-2004(Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch Cloe Melisa2004(Todd/Nicole Pelatier)  
Snitch Thomas Ian Frederick2004(Philip/Cathy Blake) 
Snitch Donnetta L (Donald Roy/Jean) 
Snitch Donna J (Donald Roy/Jean) 
Snitch Joseph Victor23-2-2007(Paul/Michele Kirk)