Snitch Family History

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This is a list of individuals and the occupation they were employed in





Snitch Ralph                             (buried) 25-2-1642    
Snich(e) John (bapt) 9-1-1575  (William Snich(e))  
Sniche John (bapt) 25-11-1599   (Ralph Sniche/ Agnes Izod)  
Snitch John (Snytch) (bapt) 19-9-1602 (John Snytch)  
Snitch William 1602 (Ralph (SNICH-T)) Carpenter
Snitch Thomas (Snytch) (bapt)  31-5-1604 (John Snytch)  
Snitch William (bapt)  26-5-1605 (Ralph (SNICH-T))  
Snitch Francis (bapt)  7-12-1606     (Ralph)  
Snitch Robert (bapt)  29-5-1608   (Ralph)
Snitch Henry (bapt)  7-3-1612 (John )  
Snitch William 29-2-1612 (William/Anne)  
Snitch John  1627  (William/Grace Peters) Carpenter
Snitch Dorothy (bapt) 20-3-1628 (William/Grace Peters)  
Snitch Alice 1629 (William/Grace Peters)  
Snitch Ann (bapt) 16-2-1630 (William/Grace Peters)  
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 11-5-1634 (William/Grace Peters) Labourer
Snitch Francis (bapt) 18-4-1636     (buried)  1697 (William/Grace Peters) Carpenter
Snitch Judith (bapt) 9-6-1639 (Leonard Snitch (Smyth)  
Snitch John (bapt) 28-4-1658 (John/Elizabeth)  
Snitch John 16-8-1660 (Francis/Ann)  
Snitch John (Snytch)  (bapt) 16-12-1666
(buried) 30-11-1729 
(Francis Snytch/Ann)   Carpenter, Cottager
Snitch Anne (Snytch)  (bapt) 14-8-1670 (Francis Snytch/Ann)   
Snitch Grace (bapt) 25-5-1673       (buried) 9-10-1696 (Francis/Elizabeth )   
Snitch William (bapt) 13-4-1677 (Francis/Ann )  Cooper
Snitch Hannah (bapt) 22-8-1680  (Francis/Ann )  
Snitch Edward   9-5-1686  (Francis/Ann )  
Snitch Sarah  (bapt) 2-7-1693 (John/Sarah Fisher )  
Snitch John (birth) 25-11-1696
(bapt) 29-11-1696  
(John/Sarah Fisher )  
Snitch Thomas (birth) 8-6-1703
(bapt) 13-6-1703
(John/Sarah Fisher ) Taylor, Cottager
Snitch Elizabeth (Snach)  (bapt) 10-10-1714 (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)   
Snitch Ann (bapt) 10-2-1716      (buried) 22-6-1736 (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)   
Snitch Alice (Snith)   (bapt) 5-10-1718 (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)  
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 14-8-1720  (John/Mary Blackabey)  
Snitch John (bapt) 26-11-1721  (John/Mary Blackabey)  
Snitch Sarah (birth) 29-2-1723
(bapt) 10-3-1723
(Francis/Elizabeth Parker)  
Snitch Thomas bapt) 16-10-1724 (John/Mary Blackabey)  
Snitch William bapt) 4-9-1726 (John/Mary Blackabey)  
Snitch Edward bapt) 27-8-1727 (Thomas/Mary Draper)  
Snitch Mary (bapt) 30-3-1729  (Thomas/Mary Draper)  
Snitch Martha (bapt) 15-4-1733 (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)  
Snitch Francis (bapt) 29-12-1734   (Thomas/Mary Draper) Yeoman Farmer
Snitch Ann (bapt)  31-7-1737 (Thomas/Mary Draper)  
Snitch James (birth) 1739             (buried) 24-11-1825   Butcher
Snitch John (bapt)  23-7-1740 (Thomas/Mary Draper)  
Snitch James   (bapt) 1-6-1743   (John/Margaret)  
Snitch John (bapt) 23-7-1743   (John/Margaret)  
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 1-10-1752  (John/Rose Dennys)  
Snitch Mary (bapt)  9-9-1753 (Thomas/ Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Charlotte (bapt) 16-4-1754 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)   
Snitch John (bapt) 26-1-1755 (John/Rose Dennys)  
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 26-12-1756 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)   
Snitch Mary (bapt) 30-1-1757 (John/Rose Dennys)  
Snitch James (bapt) 10-9-1758 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Ann (bapt) 16-3-1759 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch William (bapt) 12-8-1759 (John/Rose Dennys) (1796) Agricultural Labourer
SNEECH Sarah (bapt) 9-5-1760   (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch William (bapt) 2-8-1761        (buried) 4-9-1782  (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 30-5-1762 (John/Rose Dennys)  
Snitch George (bapt) 8-4-1764 (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)   
Snitch Olive (bapt) 15-3-1767  (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 8-4-1767
(died) 23-5-1800
Snitch Rebecca (birth) 7-1-1768       (bapt) 7-6-1768          (buried) 11-2-1841 (James/Rebecca)  (1801) Farmed 4 Acres of land on the Whitbread Estate in Bedfordshire
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 29-5-1776 (John/Hannah)  (1862) Farmer in Offord Darcy
Snitch Thomas 1784     (1841) Publican
SUTCH Sarah (bapt)  6-6-1790    
Snitch Frank (bapt) 29-1-1790
(died) 24-11-1825
(James/Elizabeth)  Butcher
Snitch Charles James (bapt) 13-9-1796
(died) 1870
(James/Elizabeth)  Doctor in Convent Garden, London
Snitch John   26-2-1797
(died) 20-2-1867
(William/Lucy Page)  (1841) Agricultural Labourer
Snitch James 1799    (1832) Labourer
Snitch Mary (bapt) 25-12-1799  (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)   
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 14-9-1799 (John/Ann Foster)  
Snitch Hannah (bapt) 25-12-1800  (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  
Snitch Sarah (bapt)  7-2-1802  (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 8-9-1804 (William/Lucy Page) Agricultural Labourer,
(1826-1847)Army Foot Soldier, (1863) Labourer
Snitch James      
Snitch John (bapt) 20-1-1805 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  
Snitch Rebecca (bapt) 3-8-1806 (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  
Snitch Anne (bapt) 17-4-1808  (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  
Snitch Mary Ann  1809                        (buried) 5-9-1826    
Snitch Elizabeth  (bapt) 4-12-1810 (Thomas/Mary)   
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 30-12-1812 (Thomas/Mary)   
Snitch Francis (bapt) 12-12-1815  (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  (1862) Carpenter/Wheelwright/Farmer in Offord Darcy
Snitch Thomas 1817   (Thomas) (1841) Yeoman (1861) Farmer
Snitch Kezia 1821 (Thomas/Jemima)  
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 20-10-1821   (buried) 12-5-1881 (John/Elizabeth Foster)  (1851) Agricultural Labourer,
Farm Bailiff
SNETCH Anne (birth) 5-1-1821     (Frank Snetch/Ann Dilly)  
Snitch Charles James (birth) 21-1-1822 
(died) 15-7-1844  (buried) 23-7-1844
(Frank Snitch/Ann Dilly)  
Snitch Ann (bapt) 23-11-1823 (James/Mary Carr )  
Snitch William 15-2-1824
(buried) 10-9-1906
(John/Elizabeth Foster)  (1841) Brick maker,
(1880) Labourer
Snitch John  (bapt) 10-4-1825 (James/Mary Carr) Labourer
Snitch Mary  5-2-1826              (buried) 1843 (John/Elizabeth Foster) 
Snitch Thomas 1826 (1841 Census for Ramsey) (1841) Male Servant
Snitch Lucy (bapt) 29-4-1827 (James/Mary Carr )  
Snitch Jane  1828  (John)  
Snitch Lucy 4-5-1828  (John /Elizabeth Foster)   
Snitch Lucy (bapt) 20-12-1829 (James & Mary Carr )   
Snitch Sarah 22-7-1832 (John/Elizabeth Foster) (1851) Domestic Servant
Snitch James (bapt) 11-4-1832 (James & Mary Carr)  
Snitch Henry (birth) 1833
(baptism) 9-8-1835         
(buried) 3-1900
(John/Elizabeth Foster)  (1881) Agricultural Labourer
Snitch George 26-5-1833  (John/Elizabeth Foster)  
Snitch John Thomas 21-12-1840            (buried) 1912 (John/Elizabeth Foster) (1865) Labourer,
(1881-1894) Coal Porter
Snitch Rachel   16-6-1841 (Thomas/Susanna Walsh) (1863) Dressmaker
Snitch Francis  1845 (Francis/Frances Swepson)  
Snitch James   1846                     (buried) 1916   (John/Elizabeth Foster)  (1865) Labourer
(1868) Carman
(1894-1914) Publican (Bell Inn Little Stukeley)
Snitch Eleanor  1848  (John/Jane Larritt)  
Snitch Hannah 1849   (Thomas/Ann Gowler) (1891) Agricultural Field Hand
Snitch George 2-2-1851 (Lucy Snitch)  
Snitch Eliza (bapt) 26-10-1851 (Thomas/Ann Gowler) (1871) Housemaid
Snitch Ann (birth) 23-3-1852
(bapt) 1-8-1854
(John/Jane Larritt)  (Wesleyan Methodist)  
Snitch James 1853 (Thomas)  
Snitch Charles 19-4-1854               (died) 3-1-1931       (buried) 7-1-1931 (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  (1881) Labourer in Iron Works,
(1901-1912) Saw Sharpener
Snitch James  8-7-1855
(buried) 19-1-1906   
(William/Sarah Knight)  Labourer
(1900) Fireman
Snitch Thomas 1855                     (buried) 15-5-1920  (James/Eliza Dawson)  
Snitch Ellen 1856 (John)   Dressmaker
Snitch Mary (birth) 1856 
(bapt) 15-2-1866 
(John/Jane Larritt) (Methodist)  
Snitch Thomas 1857      
Snitch George 12-4-1857 (Henry/Emma Seaton)  
Snitch Mary 13-3-1857 (Thomas/Ann Gowler) (1881) Agricultural Labourer's Wife
Snitch Ann   23-3-1857     (James/Eliza Dawson)  
Snitch Emma 31-7-1859               (buried) 1954 (Thomas/Ann Gowler) (1881) Parlour Maid,
Domestic Servant
Snitch Elizabeth 20-5-1860 (Thomas/Ann Gowler)   General Servant
Snitch Elizabeth (birth) 23-4-1862
(bapt) 2-5-1862
Born in Huntingdon Union Workhouse 
Snitch Alice Ann 1862  (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  Dressmaker
Snitch James  (birth) 1863
(bapt) 15-2-1866      (buried) 1945  
(John/Jane Larritt) Congregational Minister
Snitch George (birth) 4-3-1863   
(bapt) 28-2-1864    
(died) 7-2-1921
(Henry/Emma Seaton) (1881) Engine Driver,
(1898) Farm Labourer,
(1901) Yardman on Cattle Farm
Snitch Arthur 26-10-1863          (buried) 1921 (William/Sarah Knight) Labourer in a Carbon Works
Snitch Ruth 2-12-1863   (Thomas/Ann Gowler) (1881) General Servant (Domestic) in Alms House St, Whittlesey
Snitch Emma 1864 (Details off 1901 Census) (1901) Domestic Cook
Snitch Mary  30-7-1865 (Henry/Emma Seaton)  (1881) Agricultural Labourer's Daughter
Snitch George Harry (birth) 1865
(bapt) 18-7-1875
   (buried) 1924
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  (1881-1891) Agricultural Labourer,
(1901) Cattleman on Farm, (1903) Labourer
Snitch Polly  1865   (Henry/Emma Seaton)   
Snitch George 19-8-1865
(buried) 1951  
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) (1881) Telegraph Messenger
(1901) Sorter in General Post Office
Snitch Thomas 1866  (Details off 1901 Census) (1901) Shop Assistant
Snitch Mary Elizabeth (bapt) 1-7-1866
(died) 16-8-1929  
(James/Hannah Key) Envelope Gummer
Snitch Alice Ann 27-10-1867 (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) (1891) Domestic Servant
Snitch Willie (birth) 1867
(bapt) 18-7-1875

(buried) 1963
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  Agricultural Labourer
Snitch Annie (birth) 1870
(bapt) 18-7-1875
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)  (1891) Cook
Snitch William 1870 (Details of 1901 Census)  
Snitch Annie Day (bapt)  11-9-1871 (James/Alice Day)  
Snitch Albert Edward       22-12-1871
(buried) 1874
(James/Hannah Key)   
Snitch Ellen 11-6-1873
(buried) 26-8-1940
(William/Sarah Knight)   
Snitch Rose  (birth) 1875
(bapt) 18-7-1875
(Thomas/Ann Gowler)   (1901) Servant
Snitch James Day (birth) 8-1874 
(bapt) 29-11-1874
(James/Alice Day)  
Snitch John Thomas  5-3-1876             (buried) 1966  (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) (1891) Bakers Apprentice,
(1894) Baker,
(1900) Coal Porter
(1913) Platelayer General Carman
(1931) General Labourer
(1944) Mailman
Snitch Ada May     1877 (Thomas/Ann Gowler)   
Snitch James Albert 27-12-1877           (buried) 1952       (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) Coal Porter
Snitch John 10-1-1878             (buried) 1945 (James/Alice Day) (1901) Platelayer, Seaman
(1908) Marine Fireman
(1922-1924) Greaser
(1931) Seaman
(1941) Labourer
Snitch Emily   1880
(died) 24-12-1897
(James/Alice Day)  
Snitch Edith     19-6-1881  (George/Lizzie Storey) (1901) Housemaid Domestic
Snitch Alice 23-6-1882 (James/Alice Day)  
Snitch Lissy 1883  (Walter/Louisa) (1901) Domestic Servant
Snitch Alice Emily  (birth) 1-4-1884
(bapt) 4-5-1884

(buried) 1974 
(George/Lizzie Storey) Domestic Servant
Snitch George (birth) 25-5-1884
(died) 20-3-1963     (buried) 26-3-1963 
(James/Alice Day) (1901) Labourer in Oil Warehouse,
Crane Operator
Snitch Fred Thomas  28-3-1885
(died) 1932
(Emma Snitch) (1901) Farm Labourer
Snitch Ethel   26-6-1886 (James/Alice Day) (1901) Domestic Servant General
Snitch Thomas 1887     (Charles/Grace Neall) (1881) Engine Erector,
(1912) Mechanic, (1926) Diesel Supervisor for Canadian Railways
Snitch Alfred George 13-1-1887
(died) 1933
(George/Lilain Strong)  (1904) Assistant Postman, (1906) Postman, (1907) Sorter/Tracer in Post Office Accounts
Snitch Thomas 7-7-1888
(died) 21-5-1968  
(James/Alice Day) (1913) Police Officer working in Bethnal Green, London
Snitch Frederick John  6-4-1889
(buried) 1938
(George/Lilian Strong)   Coppersmith,
(1912) Engine Room Artificer in Royal Navy
Snitch Rose 1889
(died) 5-8-1970
(Charles/Grace Neall)  
Snitch Sarah E 23-2-1890                (died) 28-9-1966     (buried) 1-1--1966  (Arthur/Christina Bauer) (1910) Labourer in a Shoe Factory
Snitch Eliza (bapt) 28-9-1890
(died) 18-12-1986
(George/Lizzie Storey) Domestic Servant
Snitch Lucy  28-3-1891    (James/Alice Day)  
Snitch John Robert 1891                    (buried) 1960  (James/Sarah Brawn)  
Snitch Kathy 1891     
Snitch Ellen 1892 (Details of 1901 Census)  
Snitch Albert Victor  18-3-1892
(died) 1979
(George/Lilian Strong)   
Snitch Wilbert Arthur    19-9-1891
(died) 19-6-1951
(buried) 21-6-1951 
(Arthur/Christina Bauer) (1910) Bookkeeper,
(1920) Cashier,
Controller-Manager for du Pont
Snitch James Leslie 1893                 (buried) 1961 (James/Sarah Brawn)   
Snitch Hannah 1894     (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey)   
Snitch Annie Jane     1894                   (buried) 1994      (James/Sarah Brawn)  
Snitch Fred 1895 (Details of 1901 Census)  
Snitch Minnie May  28-1-1895  (George/Lilian Strong) (1921) Writing Assistant for the Post Office (Money Order Dept)
Snitch Nellie    (bapt) 5-2-1895   (Charles /Grace Neall)   
Snitch Florence Lizzie (birth) 21-11-1895
(bapt) 5-1-1896 
(George/Lizzie Storey)  
Snitch Roy Leonard 24-10-1895
(died) 16-3-1949 
(Arthur/Christina Bauer) (1926) Bookkeeper
Snitch Lillian 13-5-1897             (buried) 1976  (George/Lilian Strong)  
Snitch John Thomas  6-4-1898             (buried) 1974      (John Thomas /Bertha Devereux)  (1922) Railway Worker
Snitch Harry Bernard   (birth) 21-7- 1898
(bapt) 28-8-1898
  (buried) 1978   
(George/Lizzie Storey)   
Snitch Florence Hester  2-9-1899
(died) 10-6-1976
(George/Lilian Strong)  (1915) Typist for the Post Office
Snitch Ellen 25-6-1900
(died) 7-12-1956
(buried) 14-12-1956
(George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)   
Snitch Annie  1900   (James/Sarah Brawn)  
Snitch James  4-6-1900
(died) 2-10-1965
(John/Louisa Fuller) Seaman
(1920-1924) Fireman-Trimmer
Snitch Albert James    4-7-1901
(died) 21-7-1990
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) British Rail Messenger/Clerk
Snitch William      1902                  (buried)1903                (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey)   
Snitch Eric Ernest   1903                   (buried) 1968  (James/Sarah Brawn)  Motor Mechanic (Electrical)
Snitch Elizabeth 1903      
Snitch Alfred George (birth) 25-2-1903
 (bapt) 12-4-1903  
  (died) 1-3-1982  
(George/Lizzie Storey) Farmer
Snitch Robert Richard 13-9-1903
(died) 10-12-1986 
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Painter & Decorator
Snitch Charles William  19-1-1902
(buried) 1926 
(Charles/Grace Neal)  Draughtsman
Snitch Ethel 1904   
Snitch Mabel 1904   (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)   
Snitch Leonard Frederick   7-12-1905
(died) 9-8-1995
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Painter & Decorator
Snitch Louisa  3-5-1906  (John/Louisa Fuller)   
Snitch Frederick Roland  11-7-1906
(died) 1993
(Fred Thomas/ Margaret Smith)  Haulage Contractor
Snitch Flora Alice  24-2-1907
(died) 24-12-1993
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Machinist in Knitting Factory
Snitch John 24-6-1908
(died) 1992
(John/Louisa Fuller)  (1941) Merchant Seaman
Snitch Ada May 1909 (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)  
Snitch Charles William 13-11-1909           (buried) 1985 (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)   
Snitch Edith Elizabeth  1-3-1910
(died) 27-11-1999 
(John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Machinist in Knitting Factory
Snitch Ivy  20-4-1911  (John/Louisa Fuller)   
Snitch Clarence Marcus  28-2-1912            (buried) 1974  (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)  (1935) Agricultural Labourer
Snitch Bessie Winifred   13-7-1912 (Frederick John/Ethel Hawken)  
Snitch Arthur George 4-5-1913     (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)   Painter & Decorator
Snitch Lillian Violet   1913     (Alfred / Lilian E Lock)   
Snitch Winifred (birth) 18-12-1913
(bapt) 23-8-1913  
(Thomas/Lily Maud Smith) Clerk
Snitch Roy     1-7-1914     (Thomas/Edith Parrish) Supervisor at Coniston Smelter, Canada
Snitch George Alfred 3-6-1915
(died) 1-11-1994
(Alfred George/ Lock)  Electronics Engineer
Snitch Enid Alice 15-9-1915
(died) 14-4-2000
(George/Harriett Pepper) 
Snitch Victor   25-4-1916
(died) 12-4-1985
(Thomas/Lily Maud Smith)  Clerk)
Snitch George 10-11-1916
(died) 10-10-1995
(George/Harriett Pepper) Grocer
Snitch Marie Josephine Elizabeth 1917 (Alfred George/Lilian Lock)  
Snitch Minerva 1917
(buried) 1976
(Wilbert Arthur/ Lulu Schwab)  
Snitch Edward Norman   1918
(buried) 1992
(Frederick John/Ethel Hawken) (1939-1964) Police Constable,
(1964-1974) Self Employed
Snitch Elsie    1918     (John/Louisa Fuller)  
Snitch Margaret May 1920   (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)   
Snitch Arthur 25-5-1920
(died) 2-1986
(John/Louisa Fuller) (1956) Blacksmith Striker
Snitch May Louisa Bertha       1920 (John Thomas/May Kitchen)  
Snitch Wilbert Leonard  8-3-1921
(died) 12-10-1995     (buried ) 19-10-1995
(Wilbert Arthur/Lulu Schwab)  Assembly Line Worker at General Motors,
Salesman for Hardware Store
Snitch Edna M 1922 (Frederick/Ethel Hawken)  
Snitch John Thomas 8-5-1922              (buried) 1975      (John Thomas/May Kitchen) Bus Driver
Snitch June Anita 17-6-1923
(died) 25-5-1984 
(Harry Bernard/Wilson) School Cook
Snitch Dorothy Edith May   19-6-1923
(died) 17-1-2000     
(Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)  Assembly Worker
Snitch Dorothy Edith  (birth) 26-11-1924    (Bapt) 4-1-1926
(died) 3-12-1995
 (John Thomas/May Kitchen)  Clerk
Snitch Elroy Arthur 11-12-1924
(died) 17-6-1942 
(Roy Leonard/Molly Minke)   
Snitch Henry James 11-1-1925
(died) 24-10-1986
(Alfred George/Lock)  Electronic Sales/Engineer
Snitch Leonard Ralph 24-8-1926
(died) 1-2-2001 
(Roy Leonard/Molly Minke)  Owner Operator of "Lenny's Glass"
Snitch Hilda Maud  (birth) 14-11-1926
(bapt) 26-12-1926
(John Thomas/May Kitchen) Professional Dancer
Snitch Colin Frederick   12-6-1927 (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows) Haulage Contractor
Snitch Harold Wilbert 17-9-1927 (Roy Leonard/Molly Minke) General Motors
Snitch Joyce M 1927 (John Robert/Dorothy Summers)   
Snitch Michael John  1928       (Eric Ernest/Nellie Clayton) Royal Air Force
Snitch Julia Frances 1-7-1928
(died) 1-11-2002
(Albert James/Dorothy Willeter) Office Clerk
Snitch Peggy Edith Margaret 2-5-1929    (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows)  Housewife
Snitch Robert Richard  14-3-1929 (Robert Snitch/Frances Willeter)  Fork Lift Truck Engineer
Snitch Rosemary J 1930  (John Robert/Dorothy Summers)   
Snitch Albert Victor    20-6-1930  (Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)  Mechanical/Electrical Fitter for British Rail
Snitch Douglas Leonard 27-2-1931 (Robert Snitch/Frances Willeter) (1945) Farm Labourer,
(1945) Painter & Decorator
(1945) Builders Merchant
(1947) LNER Fireman
(1965) Mail Sorter for Royal Mail
Snitch Betty Elizabeth 1931    (John Thomas/May Kitchen)   
Snitch Reginald Harry M 7-10-1931     (Ellen Snitch)  Bricksetter
Snitch Dorothy May 11-10-1932    (Leonard/Una May Riddell) Typist
Snitch Rachel Ann York  1933   (Eric Ernest/Grace Parker)   Shorthand Typist
Snitch Joyce Margaret 7-4-1933      (Frederick/Edith Meadows)    
Snitch Eileen Dawn 16-1-1934  (Leonard/Una May Riddell) Accountant's  assistant
Snitch Brian Peter      3-5-1935    (Clarence/Betty Harris)  Lorry Driver
Snitch Alec Charles  14-7-1935 (Charles/Christina Langley)  Farm Labourer
Motor Mechanic
Post Master
Snitch George William   22-7-1939
(died) 14-4-1989
(Charles/Christina Langley) Licensee (Nags Head, Endersby)
Snitch Monica M  1940  (George/Wilson)  
Snitch Terrance Michael   5-7-1940    (Robert Richard/Frances Willeter) Labourer
Fork Lift Operator
Snitch Loraine Shirley  1940  (George A/Shirley) Secretary
Snitch Allan George 14-3-1941 (Alfred/Stella Morris) Truck Driver
Snitch Graeme Morris 1-1-1943 (Alfred/Stella Morris) (2005) Boilermaker
Snitch Carole Ann   25-1-1943 (John/Alice Wells) Nursery Teacher
Snitch Allan Leonard 24-10-1943 (Leonard/Una May Riddell) (2006) Store Manager
Snitch Terence Stanley  24-3-1944    (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows) Head Teacher
Snitch Kenneth Harry 14-7-1944   (Leonard/Helen Koehler)   Forensic Scientist
Snitch Peter Alan 14-12-1944 (Albert/Dorothy Willeter) (1960-2000) Ground Engineer Royal Air Force
Snitch Paul Arthur Maynard 10-2-1945 (Arthur/Jean Heather Maynard)  Teacher (Head of Science)
Snitch Anthony Richard   20-2-1945 (Hilda Maud Snitch)  
Snitch David  3-2-1947   (Victor/Bessie May Seymour)  Company Director
Snitch John Herbert    14-5-1947               (died) 15-3-1967    (buried) 23-3-1967 (Leonard/Helen Koehler) Machine Gunner in USMC
Snitch Joanne Carol 14-5-1947  (Leonard/Helen Koehler)  Early Childhood Educator
Snitch Merilee Margeret 2 -2-1947   (Arthur George/Jean Maynard)  Primary School Teacher
Snitch Douglas George  11-6-1948  (Margaret May Snitch) Royal Navy
Civil Servant
Snitch Christopher Paul 22-5-1949 (Roy/Catherine Savage)
Snitch Brian James 12-6-1949 (John/Alice Wells) (1964) Decorator, (1996) Contracts Manager
Snitch David Peter  19-5-1949 (Edward/Eileen Tuddenham)  Retired
Snitch Jennifer K  1950 (Clarence/ Betty Harris)   
Snitch William  Leonard 9-8-1950 (Leonard/Helen Koehler) Teacher
Snitch Wendy Edith 20-5-1950 (Roy/Catherine Savage)  
Snitch Anne E  21-2-1951  (Colin/Irene Munday)  Secretary for RNIB
Snitch Donald Roy  9-10-1951
(died) 28-10-2002
(Leonard/Helen Koehler) Painter at Ford Motor Company
Snitch Wilbert Leonard 2-9-1951 (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons) Assembly Line Operator
Salesman in Hardware Store
Snitch Douglas Harold   24-5-1953  (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons)  Tech Author
Clerk for US Postal Service
Snitch Robert Arthur 24-5-1953  (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons)  Plumber
Construction Estimator
Restaurant Owner
Snitch Peter John 3-1-1953  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Scientific Sales
Snitch Elaine F 1954   (Michael/Joan Wallace)  
Snitch Nigel Robert 4-9-1954 (Robert/Brenda Mariann Hunt)  Welder
Snitch Thomas Harold 14-7-1954  (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) Consultant
Snitch Mark Robert  12-11-1955  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  IT
Remedial Massage Therapist
Snitch Angela J 1955  (Michael/Joan Wallace)  
Snitch Thomas 1955 (James/Eliza Dawson) (1881) Brickmaker
Snitch Stephen D 13-8-1956  (Douglas/Doreen Smith)  Assembly Line Worker
Snitch Ann 1957 (James/Eliza Dawson) (1871) Pauper in a Workhouse
(1881) General Servant
Snitch Reginald John  20-9-1957     (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  Construction Worker
Snitch Kathleen Joan 12-2-1957  (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek)  Teacher
Snitch Rhondda Jean  15-2-1957 (Arthur/Jean Heather Maynard)  Teacher
Medical Receptionist
Pre School Teacher
Snitch Stephen   26-1-1958 (Arthur/Joyce Clark) Decorator
Snitch Nadina Judith 23-3-1958 (Robert/Brenda Mariann Hunt) Hairdresser, Waitress
Snitch Trevor Paul 1958   (Colin/Irene Munday) Builder (Own Company) (TP Snitch Brickworks Ltd, Whittlesey)
Snitch David Michael 11-9-1958
(died) 11-9-1980
(Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Snitch Rose May 26-3-1959 (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) Domestic Cleaner
Snitch Philip Stewart 26-8-1959 (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Music Teacher/Professional Musician
Snitch Christopher 18-1-1959 (Douglas/Doreen Smith) Manager of a Supermarket
Delivery Driver
Snitch Alan Ian 25-2- 1960 (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) Diesel Engine Fitter
Snitch David John  25-3-1961    (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) Bricklayer
Snitch Ian Peter   2-10-1961 (Brian/Doreen Hayden) Transport Support Engineer
Snitch Karlton Miles Roland 17-9-1962  (Terence/Sandra White) Company Director
Snitch Stephen George 27-12-1962 (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Chemical Engineer
Snitch Heather G 16-5-1962     (Douglas/Doreen Smith) Nurse
Snitch Robin Clayton  22-5-1963 (Robert/Brenda Mariann Hunt) (2007)Tree Surgeon/Landscape Gardner
Snitch John  1964 (Arthur/Joyce Clark)  
Snitch Steven Terrance  13-1-1964 (Terence/Sandra White)  Telecoms Engineer
Snitch Bruce Edward     12-12-1965 (Kenneth/Sharon) Concrete Worker
Snitch Craig Anthony 27-8-1965      (Allen/Beverley Watt) Electrician
Manager of Teen Ranch School
Snitch Nancy Ann     19-3-1966 (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) Manager
Snitch Paul Stephen 7-12-1966 (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  Double Glazing Fitter
Snitch Glen James     6-1-1967 (George/Mary Derbyshire) Road Construction
Snitch Clive Lawrence 29-10-1967  (Terence/Sandra White) Estimator
Snitch Mark Allen 1-11-1967 (Allen/Joyce Forth) (2005) Machine Operator
Snitch Debra Louise 3-4-1968   (George/Mary Derbyshire) Nurse
Snitch Michael Barry   25-8-1968       (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) Landscape Gardener
SNITH Ian  1968  (Maddocks)  
Snitch Eric John  16 -4-1968 (Kenneth/Sharon)  
Snitch John Paul  28-10-1968  (Paul /Linda Margaret Barry) Musician
Snitch Michele Louise 24-5-1969   (Peter Alan/Jennifer Brawn)  Supply Officer
Snitch Wendy Carol 2-2-1970 (Kenneth/Sharon) Homemaker
Snitch Phillippa Linda 5-8-1970 (Paul /Linda Margaret Barry) Hospitality/Sales
Snitch Kevin Lee 1971  (SNITCH) 5691/S  
Snitch Donna Elsie 11-9-1971 (Allen/Joyce Forth) (2002) Machine Operator
Snitch Paul Alan 21-5-1972   (Peter Alan/Jennifer Brawn) Aircraft Engineer
Snitch Kellee Joy 31-10-1972 (Allen/Beverley Watt) Store Assistant
Snitch Thomas Gordon 1973 (Thomas Dana/Sandra Ross) Accredited "Red Seal" Stone Mason
Snitch Emily Jane  1974   (Nadina Snitch)  
Snitch Todd Eliot  7-10-1974 (Douglas/Melody Parker) Graphic Artist
Snitch Gillian   17-5-1977  (Brian/Linder Everton) Manager
Snitch Michael Leonard 1-11-1977    (Wilbert Leonard/Ann Saxton) Inventory Assistant
Snitch Justin Lee   17-9-1977 (William/Colleen White) UPS Driver
Snitch Donna Marie 20-4-1978    (Rose May Snitch) Homemaker
Snitch Gary 29-3-1979    (Brian/Linder Everton) Bar Manager
Snitch Bryan Robert   16-10-1979 (Robert/Anna Graham) Restaurant Manager
Snitch Steven Michael 30-12-1979   (Rose May Snitch) House Removals
Snitch Lisa Rose  5-9-1981 (Rose May Snitch) Accountant
Snitch Brad Christopher 25-12-1982 (Robert/Anna Graham) Construction Labourer
Snitch Rachel Marie    4-2-1982 (William/Colleen White) Homemaker
Snitch Stephen 22-2-1983  (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey) (2005) Professional Rugby League Player
Snitch Skye Elizabeth 12-9-1983 (Mark Robert/Narida Dean) Occupational Therapists
Snitch Timothy Gabriel 27-4-1983 (Kenneth Harry/Severa Vega) Construction Worker
Snitch Claire  1984 (John/Teresa Smith)  
Snitch Daniel  26-6-1984    (Rose May Snitch) Double Glazing Installer
Snitch Danielle Karen 27-8-1984 (Stephen/Karen Beevor) Restaurant Manager
Snitch Michael Francis  14-11-1984 (William/Colleen White)  
Snitch Mathew Blake 3-10-1984 (Douglas/Melody Parker)  
Snitch Lewis Adam 17-5-1985 (Nigel/Fiona Wilson)  
Snitch Christopher Paul  9-1985  (Trevor/Hayley Wright)  
Snitch Damion  23-8-1986 (Steven/Karen Beevor)  
Snitch Michelle Brenda 3-1986
(died) 29-5-2002  
(Rose May Snitch)  
Snitch Krystle Anne  2-3-1986 (Mark Robert/Nerida Dean) Radiographer
Snitch Carla  3-1987  (John/Teresa Smith)  
Snitch Jason Lee  23-4-1987  (Reginald/Tracy Dale) (2004) Packer
Snitch Candice Ann 22-8-1987 (Graeme/Michelle Westlake)  
Snitch Daniel Stephen 3-10-1987 (Stephen/Elizabeth Lovas) RAF Engineer
Snitch Michael Peter  22-11-1987  (Peter John/Wanda Stiles) Audio Producer
Snitch Adam John 15-5-1988  (Karlton/Gillian Rees)  
Snitch Richard David 14-11-1988 (David/Susan Curwen)  
Snitch Heather Anne   1988 (Philip/Margo Anne)  
Snitch Alysha Sarah 7-1-1989 (Graeme/Michelle Westlake)  
Snitch Robert Christopher  5-6-1989   (Christopher/Julie Heale) Salesman
Snitch Mathew 10-12-1989     (Stephen/Linda Lee)  
Snitch Leon Ashley 23-7-1990  (Nigel Robert/Fiona Wilson)  
Snitch Amy Louise  7-9-1990  (Karlton/Gillian Rees) Sales Assistant
Snitch Jerome Clinton  1990  (Downs)  
Snitch Aaron Reese 8-8-1990   Sales Assistant
Snitch Sadie Nicole 31-12-1990 (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey)  
Snitch Natalie     16-5-1991    (Christopher/Julie Heal)  
Snitch Mathew John 1-10-1991  (Reginald/Tracy Dale)  
Snitch Shelly Celestral  24-11-1991 (Mark Robert/Nerida Dean)  
Snitch Daniel Robert  15-11-1992 (Ian/Eleanor Hills)  
Snitch Ryan Dennis 27-9-1992 (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey)  
Snitch Stewart Colin  1992 (Philip/Margo Anne) Instrument Repairer
Snitch Timothy 1993   (Kenneth/Vera) Construction Worker
Snitch Andrew Frazer Brander 12-7-1994  (Peter Alan /Eileen Ewing) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Royal Air Force
Snitch Lee  1-9-1994  (David/Susan Curwen)  
Snitch Tyler Marcus 22-10-1994 (Mark/Karen Fiorini)  
Snitch Sarah June  7-6-1995 (Ian/Eleanor Hills)  
Snitch Jordan Innes  12-8-1995 (Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch James Oliver  4-7-1996    (Glen/Michelle Barnwell)  
Snitch Nathan Kevin 20-2-1996 (Mark/Karen Fiorini)  
Snitch Ethan McKenzie 7-11-1997 (Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch Rebecca Charlotte 29-12-1997 (Clive/Katie Wilks)  
Snitch Adam Joe Peter  20-3-1998 (Ian/Eleanor Hills)  
Snitch Ian Mathew 29-6-1998 (Todd/Nicole Pelatier)  
Snitch Jessica May   (Stephen/Diane Hines)  
Snitch Samantha Kate   (Stephen/Diane Hines)  
Snitch Olive Minnie 14-1-2000 (Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch Charlotte 25-1-2000 (Paul/Christine Nichols)  
Snitch Hannah      27-6-2000 (Clive/Katie Wilks)  
Snitch James Anthony Jack 22-11-2002 (Stephen/Joanne Griffin)  
Snitch Dorothy May    (Leonard/May Redel)  
Snitch Margaret Joan   (Leonard/May Redel)  
Snitch Alan Leonard   (Leonard/May Redel)  
Snitch Craig Anthony    (Alan/Beveley)  
Snitch Kellee Joy   (Alan/Beverly)  
Snitch Eileen Dawn   (Leonard/May Redel)  
Snitch Christian  2003 (Donna Marie Snitch)  
Snitch Reilly Taylor  30-9-2004 (Craig/Shona Innes)  
Snitch Cloe Melisa 2004 (Todd/Nicole Pelatier)  
Snitch Thomas Ian Frederick 2004 (Philip/Cathy Blake)  
Snitch Donnetta L   (Donald Roy/Jean)  
Snitch Donna J   (Donald Roy/Jean)  
Snitch Joseph Victor 23-2-2007 (Paul/Michele Kirk)  
Snitch Daniel Michael 8-8-2008 (Robert/Gillian Duncan)  


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