Snitch Family History

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If you find any discrepancies could I please ask you to get back to me so that I can amend the details.  Additionally if you have any further information, could I again ask you to get back to me.

Colour Code:

Pink  = Linked to my family,       Blue   = Death,         Green  = Marriage,       Black   = Not yet linked to my family 


It is difficult to ascertain the William Snitch who married Lucy Page on 10-10-1796 is, as there is insufficient evidence that I have been able to uncover to day, therefore, I will assume William Snitch baptised 1759 is the William who married Lucy Page and project the ancestors on this assumption.  I will amend the tree if and when any evidence comes to light, but this is my best guess, but it is based on probability.
Number of birth identified between 1575 to date  =  495
Source = Where the details were sourced from
PR = Parish Records = Anc
SC = St Catherine's Index
Cert = Marriage Certificate
Dec = Descendant of Individual
Ind = The Individual concerned
Rel = Relative
Ric = Richardson Family History 1600-1880
Cen = Census

Possible Family Tree of Ancestors assuming William Snitch, baptised 1759, is the William who married Lucy Page on 10-10-1796

Family Members linked assuming William 1759 is the direct Ancestor









Snitch Ethelred                             (buried) 27-1-1573 Agnes  
Snitch Ralph                             (buried) 25-2-1642   (EthelredSnitch) Agnes Izod   7-10-1598  Sandy, Bedfordshire IGI
Snich(e) John (bapt) 9-1-1575  Blunham, Bedfordshire (William Snich(e))         PR
Sniche John (bapt) 25-11-1599   Sandy, Bedfordshire  (Ralph Sniche/ Agnes Izod)         PR
Snitch John (Snytch) (bapt) 19-9-1602 Potton, Bedfordshire  (John Snytch)        PR
Snitch William 1602        Anne Carpenter  1620 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
2nd Marriage Grace Peters(BULL)  25-7-1626     Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Thomas (Snytch) (bapt)  31-5-1604 Potton, Bedfordshire  (John Snytch)        PR
Snitch William (bapt)  26-5-1605 Sandy, Bedfordshire  (Ralph Sniche/ Agnes Izod) Elizabeth     PR
Snitch Francis (bapt)  7-12-1606     Sandy, Bedfordshire     (Ralph Sniche/ Agnes Izod)       PR
Snitch Robert (bapt)  29-5-1608   Sandy, Bedfordshire  (Ralph Sniche/ Agnes Izod) Rebecca Hearing 11-11-1639    Lt Staughton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Henry (bapt)  7-3-1612 Potton, Bedfordshire  (John ) Joanne     PR
Snitch William 29-2-1621              (buried) 29-2-1621 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Anne)   ************  *********************  ************ Ric
Snitch William (bapt) 9-2-1622     (buried) 18-3-1625 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Anne)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Dorothy (bapt) 29-6-1625    (buried) 16-3-1626 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William /Anne)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch John  1627    Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters) Elizabeth 1656    Potton, Bedfordshire Ric
Snitch Dorothy (bapt) 20-3-1628 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters)         Thomas Chickely   2-6-1661 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Alice 1629 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters) William Edwards 1661 Potton, Bedfordshire Ric
Snitch Ann (bapt) 16-2-1630 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters)    2-6-1661 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Grace (bapt) 5-1-1632      (buried) 10-1-1632 Potton, Bedfordshire   (William/Grace Peters )   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Martha (bapt) 5-1-1632      (buried) 8-1-1632 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters )  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 11-5-1634 Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters) Elizabeth Kefford 5-2-1656 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Francis (born) 14-4-1636    (bapt) 18-4-1636 
(buried)  29-2-1697
Potton, Bedfordshire  (William/Grace Peters) Ann   1666 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch John (bapt) 28-4-1658   (buried) 29-4-1658    Potton, Bedfordshire  (John/Elizabeth)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch John 16-8-1660 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Ann)          PR
Snitch John (Snytch)  (bapt) 16-12-1666  (buried) 30-11-1729  Potton, Bedfordshire    (Francis Snytch/Ann)   Sarah Fisher  30-9-1691 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Anne (Snytch)  (bapt) 14-8-1670    (buried) 10-2-1730  Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis Snytch/Ann)  Robert Fortescue (Fostecue)  30-4-1693 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Grace (bapt) 25-5-1673    (buried) 9-10-1696 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Ann)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch William (bapt) 13-4-1677 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Ann)   Elizabeth Miller
Martha Ambrose 
Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Hannah (birth) 22-8-1680    (bapt) 3-11-1680 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Ann) Richard Richardson  15-11-1700 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Edward   9-5-1686               (buried) 13-3-1723 Potton, Bedfordshire   (Francis/Ann)     Alice Douce   28-10-1713 Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire   PR
Snitch Sarah  (bapt) 2-7-1693     (died) 10-1-1764 Potton, Bedfordshire  (John/Sarah Fisher) William Seamour 1-12-1717 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch John (birth) 25-11-1696   (bapt) 29-11-1696     Potton, Bedfordshire  (John/Sarah Fisher) Mary Blackabey of Harston 23-5-1719 Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire PR
Snitch Thomas (birth) 8-6-1703   (bapt) 13-6-1703          
                         (buried) 13-3-1723
Potton, Bedfordshire  (John/Sarah Fisher)  Mary Draper 22-9-1726  Biggleswade, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Elizabeth (Snach)  (bapt) 10-10-1714 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Ann (bapt) 10-2-1716      (buried) 22-6-1736 Potton, Bedfordshire (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Alice (Snith)   (bapt) 5-10-1718 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Elizabeth Parker) William Thody 22-4-1740 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Ann (bapt) 30-10-1720    (buried) 19-2-1721 Potton, Bedfordshire (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 14-8-1720      (buried) 28-8-1720 Eaton Socon (John/Mary)   ************  *********************  ************ PR + IGI
Snitch John (bapt) 26-11-1721  Eaton Socon (John/Mary)   Rose Dennys 12-11-1751 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire PR + IGI
Snitch Sarah  (bapt) 11-3-1722 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)       PR
Snitch Sarah (birth) 29-2-1723      (bapt) 10-3-1723 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/Elizabeth Parker) William Millar 20-7-1741 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 16-10-1724    (buried) 2-12-1728 Eaton Socon (John/Mary)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Frances (bapt) 23-1-1726      (buried) 1-3-1730   Potton, Bedfordshire (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch William (bapt) 4-9-1726    (buried) 13-10-1726 Eaton Socon (John /Mary)   ************  *********************  ************ PR + IGI
Snitch Edward (bapt) 27-8-1727     (buried) 27-8-1727  Biggleswade, Bedfordshire  (Thomas/Mary Draper)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Mary (bapt) 30-3-1729      Potton, Bedfordshire  (Thomas/Mary Draper)       PR
Snitch Edward  (bapt) 1-2-1729       (buried) 1-2-1730 Potton, Bedfordshire (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Francis (bapt) 1-2-1730       (buried) 1-3-1730 Potton, Bedfordshire (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch John (bapt) 25-8-1731     (buried) 17-3-1734 Potton, Bedfordshire (Francis/Elizabeth Parker)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Martha (bapt) 15-4-1733 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Francis/ Elizabeth Parker) Robert Miller/ar  26-12-1754 Potton, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch Francis (bapt) 29-7-1733     (buried) 22-9-1734 Potton, Bedfordshire (John/MargaretDimak)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Francis (bapt) 29-12-1734    Potton, Bedfordshire  (Thomas/Mary Draper) Elizabeth Peppercorn 8-7-1800 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Lic) PR
Snitch Ann (bapt) 6-11-1735    (buried) 21-2-1736   Potton, Bedfordshire (John/MargaretDimak)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Ann (bapt)  31-7-1737 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Thomas/Mary Draper)       PR
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 13-10-1737  (buried) 21-10-1737 Potton, Bedfordshire (John/MargaretDimak)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch James (birth) 1739          (buried) 24-11-1825 Southhill, Bedfordshire   Elizabeth Dennis
Blunham & Mogerhanger (Lic)
Snitch John (bapt)  23-7-1740 Potton, Bedfordshire  (Thomas/Mary Draper)       PR
Snitch James   (bapt) 1-6-1743   Potton, Bedfordshire  (John/MargaretDimak)       PR
Snitch John (bapt) 23-7-1743     (died 2-1784)
                            (buried) 1784
Potton, Bedfordshire  (John/MargaretDimak) Hannah Morton 3-6-1773 Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire  (Lic) IGI
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 1-10-1752     (buried) 16-5-1763 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (John/Rose Dennys)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Mary (bapt)  9-9-1753 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/ Elizabeth Saunders)       IGI
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 12-2-1753      (buried) 19-3-1758 Potton, Bedfordshire (John/MargaretDimak)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Charlotte (bapt) 16-4-1754 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire  (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  Robert Morgan 29-4-1779  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire   (Lic) IGI
Snitch John (bapt) 26-1-1755      (buried) 18-3-1767 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (John/Rose Dennys)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 26-12-1756 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  Charles Clark 6-11-1780 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire IGI
Snitch Mary (bapt) 30-1-1757    (buried) 11-11-1806 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (John/Rose Dennys) William Cade   15-10-1791 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch James (bapt) 10-9-1758 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders) Egth Arlbon 1887 All Hallows, London Wall IGI
Snitch Ann (bapt) 16-3-1759 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders) Charles Clark 1780   IGI
Snitch William (bapt) 12-8-1759   (buried) 8-9-1805 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (John/Rose Dennys) Lucy Page 10-10-1796 Wistow, Huntingdonshire PR
SNEECH Sarah (bapt) 9-5-1760   Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)       IGI
Snitch William (bapt) 2-8-1761        (buried) 4-9-1782  Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  ************  *********************  ************ IGI
Snitch Sarah (bapt) 30-5-1762      (buried) 6-4-1766 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (John/Rose Dennys)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch George (bapt) 8-4-1764 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  Mary Stocker        (St Neots) 19-4-1785 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire IGI
Snitch James (birth) 1-5-1765       (buried) 19-6-1765 Southhill, Bedfordshire    (James/ Elizabeth Dennis)  ************ ********************* ************ PR
SNEECH Olive (bapt) 15-3-1767  Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire     (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)       PR
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 8-4-1767    (died) 23-5-1800 Southhill, Bedfordshire (James/Rebecca)  Robert Morris      (Old Warden), 17-3-1793 All Saints, Southhill, Bedfordshire,  (Licence) PR
Snitch Laura (bapt) 17-12-1769 (buried) 10-5--1770 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Rebecca (birth) 7-1-1768       (bapt) 7-6-1768
                           (buried) 11-2-1841
Southhill, Bedfordshire  (James/Rebecca)   ************  ***Unmarried*******  ************ PR
Snitch Laura (bapt) 10-5-1770     (buried) 10-5-1770 Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Elizabeth Saunders)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch James (bapt) 9-8-1770       (buried) 9-8-1770  Southhill, Bedfordshire   (James/Rebecca)       PR
Snitch William Underwood (bapt) 21-5-1774    (buried) 25-11-1774 Southhill, Bedfordshire   (James/Rebecca)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 29-5-1776    (died) 23-1-1863
                           (buried) 29-1-1863
Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire (John/Hannah)  Sarah Cawcutt 27-12-1798  Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Thomas 1784                    (buried) 28-8-1850     Jemima Slade   14-6-1805  St Neots, Huntingdonshire  Cen
Snitch John (bapt) 26-2-1788      (buried) 3-5-1788 Southhill, Bedfordshire   (James/ Elizabeth)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
SUTCH Sarah (bapt)  6-6-1790 Blunham, Bedfordshire          PR
Snitch Frank (bapt) 29-1-1790    (died) 24-11-1825 Southhill, Bedfordshire (James/Elizabeth)  Anne Dilly        of Henlow 2-9-1819 All Saints, Southhill, Bedfordshire PR
Snitch John (bapt) 20-10-1791   (buried) 9-7-1792 Southhill, Bedfordshire (James/Elizabeth)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Edward (bapt) 12-12-1792  (buried) 22-10-1793 Southhill, Bedfordshire (James/Elizabeth)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Charles James (bapt) 13-9-1796   (died) 1870
                          (buried) 5-9-1870
Southhill, Bedfordshire (James/Elizabeth)  Eliza Varley 1827   PR
Snitch John   26-2-1797             (died) 20-2-1867 Wistow, Huntingdonshire (William/Lucy Page)  Elizabeth Foster     PR
Snitch James abt 1799              (buried) 10-4-1835     Mary Carr 27-10-1823 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire Cen
Snitch Mary (bapt) 25-12-1799  Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  Thomas Freeman  of Ellington 1829 Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Elizabeth (bapt) 14-9-1799 Grt Raveley (John/Ann Foster) John Yarrow 1816 Bloomsbury  PR
Snitch Hannah (bapt) 25-12-1800  (died) 17-10-1872 Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)       PR
Snitch Sarah (bapt)  7-2-1802    (died) 8-10-1873 Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)       PR
Snitch Ann 1802                    (buried) 4-10-1802 Wistow, Huntingdonshire (William/Lucy Page)  ************ ********************* ************ PR
Snitch Mary 1803                    (buried) 30-7-1803 Wistow, Huntingdonshire (William/Lucy Page)  ************ ********************* ************ PR
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 8-9-1804     (buried) 14-5-1874 Wistow, Huntingdonshire (William/Lucy Page) Susanna Walsh 18-11-1840 Agra India PR
Snitch John (bapt) 20-1-1805   (buried) 14-9-1852 Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)       PR
Snitch William (bapt) 24-6-1805   (buried) 24-9-1806 Wistow, Huntingdonshire (Lucy Page)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Rebecca (bapt) 3-8-1806     (died) 29-7-1861
                          (buried) 2-8-1861
Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt) Esau White 3-8-1857 Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Lucy 1806        Details off 1841 Census   (living at 32 Amwell St, St James, Clerkenwell)       Cen
Snitch Anne (bapt) 17-4-1808       (died) 20-8-1894
                            (buried) 23-8-1894
Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)        PR
Snitch Mary Ann  1809                     (buried) 5-9-1826 St Neots, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Jemima Slade?)  ************  *********************  ************ Cen
Snitch Elizabeth  (bapt) 4-12-1810 Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Mary)  John Ford of Graveley 1832 Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Mary 1811   Details off 1841 & 1871 Census Rickmansworth, Hertforshire (living at 32 Amwell St, St James, Clerkenwell)       Cen + Anc
Snitch Sarah 1811   Details off 1841 & 1871Census Rickmansworth, Hertforshire (living at 32 Amwell St, St James, Clerkenwell)       Cen + Anc
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 30-12-1812 Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Mary)  Elizabeth     PR
Snitch Ester   (birth)  6-1814    (bapt) 12-11-1815 
(buried)  3-11-1816
Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Francis (bapt) 12-12-1815  Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)  Frances Swepson 12-5-1845 St Cuthberts, Bedford PR
Snitch Thomas 1817   Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Sarah Cawcutt)        PR
Snitch Kezia 1819 St Neots, Huntingdonshire (Thomas/Jemima Slade) William Ekes 30-5-1845   St Neots, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Thomas (bapt) 20-10-1821   (buried) 12-5-1881 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)  Ann Gowler   25-1-1849 Downham, Norfolk  PR
SNETCH Anne (birth) 5-1-1821     Southhill, Bedfordshire (Frank Snetch/Ann Dilly)       PR
Snitch Charles James (birth) 21-1-1822    (died) 15-7-1844  
                            (buried) 23-7-1844
Southhill, Bedfordshire (Frank Snitch/Ann Dilly) ************   *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Ann (bapt) 23-11-1823 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (James/Mary Carr ) Samuel Smitton 4-2-1840 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch William 15-2-1824               (died) 20-2-1889  
                            (buried) 10-9-1906
Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)  Sarah Knight 12-12-1853  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch John  (bapt) 10-4-1825 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire  (James/Mary Carr) Jane Larritt  15-12-1845 Upwood PR
Snitch Mary  5-2-1826               (buried) 1843 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Thomas 1826            Details off 1841 census   (living at Mearside, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire)       Cen
Snitch Mary 4-1827     Date of birth
estimated from death record
Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire    ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Jane  1828 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire  (John /Elizabeth Foster)        PR
Snitch Lucy 4-5-1828  Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire  (John /Elizabeth Foster)  Thomas Cox  1-5-1854 Upwood, Huntingdonshire  PR
Snitch Charles Varley (birth) 12-4-1828        
(bapt) 11-5-1828
Details off 1841 census/Ancestry
Covent Garden, London (Charles/Eliza Varley) (living at Parkham Place, St Lukes, Chelsea)     Cen + Anc
Snitch Lucy (bapt) 20-12-1829 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (James & Mary Carr )  James Gardner 1848   PR
Snitch Elizabeth Ann Silvester (birth) 22-1-1829 
(bapt) 12-4-1830 Details off 1841 census (living at Parkham Place, St Lukes, Chelsea)
Covent Garden, London (Charles/Eliza Varley)   1862 Westminster, London Cen + Anc
Snitch Sarah 22-7-1832 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster) George Knight 3-6-1861 Upwood, Huntingdonshire  PR
Snitch James (born) 2-2-1832       (bapt) 15-4-1832 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire  (James & Mary Carr) Eliza Dawson 1855 Barnsley, South Yorkshire PR
Snitch George 26-5-1833  Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)       PR
Snitch William 1834               Details off 1861 census Ramsey, Huntingdonshire    Sarah     Cen
Snitch Henry (bapt) 9-8-1835     (buried) 3-1900 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)  Emma Seaton 30-6-1856 Upwood, Huntingdonshire  PR
Snitch Hannah 17-6-1838             (buried) 1839 Huntingdon. Huntingdonshire  (John/Elizabeth Foster)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch George 20-5-1839             (buried) 1839 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire  (Mary Snitch)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Jane 1839              Details off 1861 census Norfolk (living at The Court, Welland, Worcestershire)       Cen
Snitch Frank 13-12-1839          St Neots, Huntingdonshire (Kezia Snitch)        PR
Snitch Sarah Anne 1840            Details off 1841 census Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (living at 32 Amwell St, St James, Clerkenwell)       Cen
Snitch Joseph 1840            Details off 1861 census Kings Norton (living at Parkwood, Packwood, Solihull)       Cen
Snitch John Thomas 21-12-1840           (buried) 1912 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster) Elizabeth Key  8-2-1864  Upwood, Huntingdonshire  PR
Snitch Eliza 1841 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire         Free BMD
Snitch Rachel   16-6-1841 India Office Ecclesiastical Return, Bengal Presidency, India (Thomas/Susanna Walsh) James Newell 17-11-1863 Lt Raveley, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Mary Ann 1843                     (buried) 1851 Huntingdon. Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Francis  1845 Bedford, Bedfordshire   (Francis/Frances Swepson)       PR
Snitch James   (birth) 1845         (bapt) 8-7-1855                            (buried) 1916   Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Elizabeth Foster)  Hannah Key 30-6-1865  Upwood, Huntingdonshire  PR
Snitch Francis Swepson 12-7-1846              (buried) 11-8-1846   Offord-Cluny, Huntingdonshire  (Frances/Francis Swepson)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Ellen   31-10-1847            (buried) 1856    Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire  (John/Jane Larritt)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Eleanor  1848           Details Off 1851 census Great Raveley   (Woodwalton 1851 Census) (John/Jane Larritt)       Cen
Snitch Ellen 1850            Details off 1871 census Lincolnshire (living at French Drove, Thorney, Peterborough)       Cen
Snitch Hannah (bapt) 16-7-1849   Downham, Norfolk  (Thomas/Ann Gowler)

 Not Married

Snitch George 2-2-1851 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (Lucy Snitch)       PR
Snitch Eliza (bapt) 26-10-1851 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler) Geeson Lee 17-10-1878 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire PR
Snitch Ann (birth) 23-3-1852   (bapt) 1-8-1854 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John/Jane Larritt)  (Wesleyan Methodist)       PR
Snitch James 1853 Woodwalton, Huntingdonshire (Thomas) Alice Day 4-6-1877 Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire SC
Snitch Charles (birth) 19-4-1854       (bapt)  3-1-1864    (died) 3-1-1931         (buried) 7-1-1931 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  Grace Whittington Neal  11-11-1883 St Peters at Gowts, Lincoln PR
Snitch James  (birth) 12-8-1854        (bapt) 8-7-1855                             (buried) 19-1-1906    Grt Raveley. Huntingdonshire (William 1823/Sarah Knight)        PR
Snitch Thomas 1855                     (buried) 15-5-1920  Barnsley, South Yorkshire   (James/Eliza Dawson)       SC
Snitch Ellen 1856 Grt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John)   Charles Odin 25-12-1885  Grimsby, Lincolnshire  SC
Snitch Mary (birth) 1856            (bapt) 15-2-1866  Woodwalton, Huntingdonshire (John/Jane Larritt) (Methodist)       PR
Snitch Thomas 1857   Ramsey, Huntingdonshire         SC
Snitch George 12-4-1857 Grt Raveley. Huntingdonshire (Henry/Emma Seaton)       SC
Snitch Mary (birth) 13-3-1857      (bapt)  3-1-1864  
                             (buried) 20-9-1940
Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler) Elias Hollis 10-11-1880  Salem Chapel, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Ann   23-3-1857                (died) 1936 Dewsbury, Yorkshire (James/Eliza Dawson) Joseph Trout 18-9-1881 Worsborough Park, Yorkshire SC
Snitch Frederick 10-6-1858                (buried) 1860  Huntingdon. Huntingdonshire (William/Sarah Knight)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Emma (birth)  31-7-1859    (bapt)  3-1-1864                               (buried) 1954 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)               Unmarried   SC
Snitch Elizabeth (birth) 20-5-1860    (bapt)  3-1-1864  Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)   William Brooker 1888 Croydon, Surrey SC
Snitch Elizabeth (birth) 23-4-1862     (bapt) 2-5-1862 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire  (James/Eliza Dawson)         Born in Huntingdon Union Workhouse        PR
Snitch Alice Ann (birth) 1862           (bapt)  3-1-1864  Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  Jonah Lewis 27-2-1882 Ramsey, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch James  (birth) 1863           (bapt) 15-2-1866
                            (died) 22-9-1945  
Woodwalton, Huntingdonshire (John/Jane Larritt) Sarah Francis Brawn  1890 Oundle  PR
Snitch George (birth) 4-3-1863      (bapt) 28-2-1864 
(died) 7-2-1921
Grt Raveley. Huntingdonshire (Henry/Emma Seaton) Lizzie Storey 7-1-1881 St Margaret's, Abbotsley SC
Snitch Arthur 1863                     (died) 15-12-1865 Ramsey. Huntingdonshire   ************ ********************* ************ SC
Snitch Arthur (birth) 26-10-1863   (bapt) 9-6-1867
 (buried) 1921
Huntingdon.                      St Neots Huntingdonshire (William/Sarah Knight) Christina Bauer 1889 Cleveland Ohio, USA  SC
Snitch Ruth (birth) 2-12-1863   (bapt)  3-1-1864  Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler) Allen Albert Smith 3-4-1888 Croydon, Surrey SC
Snitch Emma 1864             Details off 1901 Census Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (living at 28 Wellesley, Road, Croyen)       Cen
Snitch Mary  30-7-1865            (buried) 9-9-1936 Grt Raveley. Huntingdonshire (Henry/Emma Seaton)  Jonathan Storey 18-1-1884 St Neots, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch George Harry (birth) 1865        (bapt) 18-7-1875                           (buried) 1924 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  Sarah Jeffrey 1893 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire PR
Snitch Polly  1865            Details off 1901 Census Great Raveley. Huntingdonshire (Henry/Emma Seaton)  Luke Rogers 1880   SC
Snitch George (birth) 19-8-1865  (bapt) 17-9-1865
(buried) 1951  
Lt Raveley, Huntingdonshire (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) Lilian Strong 3-5-1886 Wood Green, London  PR
Snitch Thomas 1866  Ireland         Cen
Snitch Mary Elizabeth (bapt) 1-7-1866   (died) 16-8-1929   Camden Town, Pancras, London (James/Hannah Key)  ************  *****Unmarried*******  ************ SC
Snitch Alice Ann 27-10-1867 Huntingdon. Huntingdonshire (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) Robert Wreford 15-1-1896 Edmonton SC
Snitch Willie (birth) 1867       (bapt) 18-7-1875
                        (buried) 1963
Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler) 

 Not Married

Snitch Arthur John (birth) 13-5-1868    (bapt)31-5-1868                                 (buried) 1869   St Pancras, London (James/Hannah Key)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch John Thomas 1-4-1869            (buried) 1869 Huntingdon. Huntingdonshire (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Henry (Harry?)  1870                 (buried) 1870 St Neots, Huntingdonshire    ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Elizabeth Jane  1870                 (buried) 1870  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (Ellen Snitch)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Annie (birth) 1870       (bapt) 18-7-1875 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  William Tebbs Stovold  24-8-1893 Croydon, Surrey PR
Snitch William 1870             Details of 1901 census Cambridgeshire         Cen
Snitch Annie Day (bapt)  11-9-1871 Hornsea, East Yorkshire  (James/Alice Day) Dickson  Details of 1911 census
Details of 1901 census
1895 Sculcoates, East Yorkshire PR
Snitch John Thomas 6-11-1870           (buried) 1875 Grt Raveley. Huntingdonshire (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key)  ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Hannah  1872                  (buried) 1872  St Neots, Huntingdonshire       ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Albert Edward       1872                  (buried) 1874 Pancras, London  (James/Hannah Key)   ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Ellen 11-6-1873           (buried) 26-8-1940 Cleveland, Ohio, USA (William/Sarah Knight)  Robert Reid     SC
Snitch Mary Ann  (bapt)  7-5-1873  (buried) 1873 Pancras, London  (James/Hannah Key)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch John Thomas 13-2-1873           (died) 1874 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Rose  (birth) 1875       (bapt) 18-7-1875
                        (died) 1955
Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)   James Bateman  8-2-1903 Croydon, Surrey  PR
Snitch James Day (birth) 8-1874    (bapt) 29-11-1874 Marton, York, North Yorkshire  (James/Alice Day)       PR
Snitch John Thomas  5-3-1876              (buried) 1966  Islington, London (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) Bertha Devereux  14-10-1894 Edmonton SC
---2nd Marriage---- Flora Elizabeth Croucher 1900  Edmonton  SC
Snitch Ada May     1877 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Thomas/Ann Gowler)  George Hutchings  1-10-1901 Pondersbridge, Cambridgeshire  SC
Snitch James Albert 27-12-1877            (buried) 1952       Islington, London (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key) Rosa Wood 25-12-1907 Wood Green, London  SC
Snitch John 10-1-1878              (buried) 1945 Hornsea, East Yorkshire  (James/Alice Day) Louisa Fuller  3-7-1898 St Andrews, Drypool, Hull SC
Snitch Florence Louisa Mary  5-2-1880              (buried) 1883 Islington, London (John Thomas/Elizabeth Key)   *************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Emily   1880                   (died) 24-12-1897 Hornsea, East, Yorkshire (James/Alice Day)  *************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Edith     19-6-1881           (died) 1966 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (George/Lizzie Storey) Alfred Dean 20-2-1904 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Sarah 1881         Details of 1891 Census London (living at 227 Rosoman Buildings, Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell)       Cen
Snitch Alice 23-6-1882 Hull, East Yorkshire (James/Alice Day) Gerald Smith Jordan 12-6-1904 Kingston upon Hull PR
Snitch Lissy 1883           Details of 1901 Census Wood Green, London (George/Lizzie Storey)       Cen
Snitch Eliz (born) 1883       (bapt) 13-7-1887 Wood Green, London (John/Elizabeth)       SC
Snitch Alice Emily  (birth) 1-4-1884 (bapt) 4-5-1884
                          (buried) 1974    
Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (George/Lizzie Storey)       SC
Snitch George (birth) 25-5-1884   (died) 20-3-1963 
                          (buried) 26-3-1963 
Hull, East Yorkshire (James/Alice Day) Harriett Amy Pepper 1915  Sculcoates, East Yorkshire SC
Snitch Ada  13-1-1885            (buried) 15-12-1885   Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Charles/Grace Neall)   ***********  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Fred Thomas  28-3-1885            (died) 1932 Huntingdon   (Emma Snitch) Margaret Smith 3-10-1905  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Ethel   26-6-1886 Sculcoates, East Yorkshire (James/Alice Day) Tom Smith 2-12-1905  St Andrews, Drypool, Hull PR
Snitch Thomas 1887                    (died) 1966 Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Charles/Grace Neall) Edith Harriet Parish 8-4-1912 Sculcoates, East Yorkshire SC
Snitch Alfred George (birth) 13-1-1887   (bapt) 17-4-1892
(died) 14-12-1933
Edmonton  (George/Lilain Strong)  Lilian Edith Lock 1912 Woolwich  SC
Snitch Thomas 7-7-1888              (died) 21-5-1968   Sculcoates, East Yorkshire (James/Alice Day) Lilly Maud Smith 30-3-1913 St Andrews, Drypool, Hull PR
Snitch George  9-3-1889              (died) 1889 Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire (George/Lizzie Storey)  ***********  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Frederick John  6-4-1889              (buried) 14-5-1938  Greenwich (George/Lilian Strong)   Ethel Hawken 1911 W Ham  SC
Snitch Rose 1889                   (died) 5-8-1970 Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Charles/Grace Neall) Ernest Edward Marsh 29-1-1903 St Botolph, Lincoln  SC
Snitch Sarah E 23-2-1890             (died) 28-9-1966
                          (buried) 1-1--1966
Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Arthur/Christina Bauer) Jenkins      SC
Snitch Eliza (bapt) 28-9-1890   (died) 18-12-1986 St Neots, Huntingdonshire (George/Lizzie Storey) John Turton 1915 Kensington, London  SC
Snitch Ruth 1891          Details of 1911 Census Ashton, Lancashire (daug John Gardner/Mary Gardner)       Cen
Snitch James 1891                     (buried) 1891  Islington, London  (George/Lilian Strong)   ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Lucy  28-3-1891    Kingston upon Hull  (James/Alice Day) John William Pearson 5-8-1912   St Andrews, Drypool, Hull PR
Snitch John Robert 1891                    (buried) 1960  Oundle (James/Sarah Brawn) Dorothy Summers 1926 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Kathy 1891  Ohio, USA    John Bozigar     SC
Snitch Ellen 1892            Details of 1901 census March, Cambridgeshire         Cen
Snitch Albert Victor  (birth) 18-3-1892 (bapt) 17-4-1892
(died) 1979
Islington, London  (George/Lilian Strong)        SC
Snitch Wilbert Arthur    19-9-1891            (died) 19-6-1951
                          (buried) 21-6-1951 
Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Arthur/Christina Bauer) Lulu May Schwab     Rel
Snitch James Leslie 1893                    (buried) 1961 Oundle   (James/Sarah Brawn)  Elsie Cottee 1952 Chelmsford, Essex SC
Snitch Hannah 1894     Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey)  John (Jack) Driver 1915 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire SC
Snitch Annie Jane     1-10-1894           (died) 18-7- 1994      Oundle (James/Sarah Brawn) ************   *****Unmarried*******   ************ SC
Snitch Fred 1895              Details of 1901 census Ramsey, Huntingdonshire         Cen
Snitch Minnie May  (birth) 28-1-1895      (bapt) 3-6-1897 Islington, London (George/Lilian Strong) William     SC
Snitch Nellie    (bapt) 5-2-1895       (died)  3-1-1961  Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Charles /Grace Neall)  Joseph Drakes Armstrong 7-2-1923 St Botolph, Lincoln SC
Snitch Florence Lizzie (birth) 21-11-1895   (bapt) 5-1-1896
(died) 29-9-1952    (buried) 5-10-1952
St Neots, Huntingdonshire (George/Lizzie Storey) Sydney Boakes 1932 East Grinstead  SC
Snitch Roy Leonard 4-10-1896               (died) 16-3-1949 
 (buried) 19-3-1949
Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Arthur/Christina Bauer) Molly Janda Minke 14-4-1924  Warrensville, Cleveland, Ohio  Rel
Snitch Frank Henry 6-11-1896              (buried) 1898  Newmarket  (James/Sarah Brawn)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Lillian (birth) 13-5-1897 (bapt) 3-6-1897         
(buried) 1976 
Islington, London (George/Lilian Strong) Robert Goodman      SC
Snitch George 1898                    (buried) 1899      N Witchfield   (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey)   ************ **********************  ************ SC
Snitch John Thomas  (birth) 6-4-1898    (bapt) 27-9-1903                                  (buried) 1974      Edmonton   (John Thomas /Bertha Devereux)  May Louise Kitchen 31-12-1918 Wood Green, London Rel
Snitch Harry Bernard   (birth) 21-7- 1898  (bapt) 28-8-1898
   (buried) 1978   
St Neots, Huntingdonshire   (George/Lizzie Storey)  Annie Isabella Wilson 1922 Edmonton SC
Snitch Florence Hester  2-9-1899               (died) 10-6-1976 West Ham (George/Lilian Strong)  Eric H Laidler  1925 Islington, London SC
Snitch Thomas Frederick 1900                    (buried) 1900 Sculcoates, East Yorkshire    ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Ellen 25-6-1900            (died) 7-12-1956
                         (buried) 14-12-1956
N Witchford  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)  Archie Flatt  1934 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Annie  1900   Winwick  (James/Sarah Brawn)

 Not Married

Snitch James  (birth) 4-6-1900  (bapt) 20-6-1900
                         (died) 2-10-1965    
Sculcoates, East Yorkshire (John/Louisa Fuller) Matilda Cawthorpe 1931 Sculcoates, East Yorkshire PR
Snitch Albert James    (birth) 4-7-1901      (bapt) 27-9-1903
                      (died) 21-7-1990
Edmonton   (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) Dorothy Willeter 5-8-1922 Wood Green, London SC + Rel
Carter Leslie (birth) 1902 Little Stukeley, Huntingdonshire Adopted son of (James/Hannah Key) Details off 1911 Census      
Snitch Alice (birth) 20-4-1902  (bapt) 14-5-1902
                          (buried) 1903
Sculcoates, East Yorkshire (John/Lily)  ***********  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch William      (birth) 25-11-1902  (bapt) 4-10-1903    
                           (buried) 1903
N Witchford  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffrey)   ***********  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch Eric Ernest   1903                   (buried) 1968  Alton (James/Sarah Brawn)  Nellie Faith Clayton  1926 Battle SC
--2nd Marriage---    Grace Florence Parker 1932 Boston, Lincolnshire SC
Snitch Elizabeth 1903   Edmonton          PR
Snitch Alfred George (birth) 25-2-1903 (bapt) 12-4-1903
  (died) 1-3-1982  
Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire  (George/Lizzie Storey) Stella Maud Morris 9-12-1939 Katanning, Western Australia SC
Snitch Robert Richard (birth) 13-9-1903  (bapt) 27-9-1903
                         (died) 10-12-1986 
Wood Green, London  (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Frances Willeter 17-3-1928 Edmonton  SC +Rel
Snitch Charles William  19-1-1902           (buried) 1926  Lincoln, Lincolnshire   (Charles/Grace Neal)   ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Ethel (birth 6-9-1904  (bapt) 25-10-1904  Sculcoates, East Yorkshire (John/Louisa Fuller)        PR
Snitch Mabel (birth) 1904       (bapt) 23-7-1905 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery)  Ernest Speachley      SC + PR
Snitch Leonard Frederick   (birth) 7-12-1905   (bapt) 24-12-1905     
                           (died) 9-8-1995
Edmonton (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Una May  Redel   21-11-1931 Burwood, Australia Rel + SC
Snitch Louisa  (birth) 3-5-1906  (bapt) 23-5-1906  Hull, East Yorkshire   (John/Louisa Fuller)  Harry Pipes 25-4-1931 St Andrews, Drypool, Hull PR
Snitch Frederick Roland  11-7-1906            (died) 3-1993 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (Fred Thomas/ Margaret Smith)  Edith Meadows 1927 Pondersbridge, Cambridgeshire SC
Snitch Flora Alice  24-2-1907            (died) 24-12-1993 Edmonton  (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher) 

 Not Married

Snitch John (birth)  24-6-1908  (bapt) 8-7-1908
  (died) 1992
Hull, East Yorkshire      (John/Louisa Fuller)  Alice Wells 13-5-1941 St Columba, Drypool, Hull PR
Snitch Ada May 1909 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery) Robert Smith  1933  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  SC
Snitch Charles William 13-11-1909            (died) 28-8-1985 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)  Christina Langley  1934 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Edith Elizabeth  1-3-1910               (died) 27-11-1999   Edmonton (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)  Charles Johansen 9-9-1944  Australia Rel + SC
Snitch Ivy  (birth)  20-4-1911  (bapt) 7-5-1911  Hull, East Yorkshire   (John/Louisa Fuller)    Andrew Barnett 1939 Hull, East Yorkshire PR
Snitch Clarence Marcus  28-2-1912             (buried) 1974  Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)  Betty Harris 12-12-1934  Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  SC
Snitch Hilda 1912 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  (George Harry/Sarah Jeffery) Ted Skinner     SC
Snitch Bessie Winifred   13-7-1912 West Ham  (Frederick John/Ethel Hawken) Frances A Rudd 1936 Essex SW SC
Snitch Arthur George 4-5-1913              (died) 12-6-2007 Edmonton      (John Thomas/Elizabeth Croucher)   Jean Maynard 5-1944  Strathfield, Australia Rel +SC
Snitch Lillian Violet   1913                  (died) 1950 Woolwich  (Alfred George/ Lock)  James Holland 1937 Edmonton SC
Snitch Winifred (birth) 18-12-1913  (bapt) 23-8-1913   Bethnal Green (Thomas/Lily Maud Smith) Lesley Victor Rapley 9-10-1965 Theydon Bois, Essex SC
Snitch Roy Lincoln     1-7-1914            (died) 10-12-1972
                        (buried) 12-12-1972
Lincoln, Lincolnshire        (Thomas/Edith Parrish) Catherine Frances Adelade Savage 3-6-1944 Ontario, Canada Rel +SC
Snitch Leonard   (birth) 31-1-1915  (bapt) 17-2-1915
                          (buried) 1915
Hull, East Yorkshire    (John/Louisa Fuller)   ************  *********************  ************ PR
Snitch George Alfred 3-6-1915             (died) 1-11-1994 Woolwich     (Alfred George/ Lock)  Louisa Shirley 1939 Edmonton  SC
Snitch Enid Alice 15-9-1915           (died) 14-4-2000 Hull, East Yorkshire  (George/Harriett Pepper)  Albert Edward Pegler  27-2-1938 Beachley, Monmouthshire PR
Snitch Victor   25-4-1916           (died) 12-4-1985 Leytonstone, London  (Thomas/Lily Maud Smith)  Bessie May Seymour 10-3-1940 St Johns, Leytonstone, London SC
Snitch George 10-11-1916        (died) 10-10-1995 Hull, East Yorkshire  (George/Harriett Pepper) Mary Elizabeth Wilson  1-8-1938 Tipton, Staffordshire SC
Snitch Marie Josephine Elizabeth 1917 Edmonton  (Alfred George/lilian Lock) Joseph Sampson 1945 Edmonton SC
Snitch Lulu Minerva 1917                  (buried) 1976 California, USA (Wilbert Arthur/ Lulu Schwab) John Gazdik 1937 Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Edward Norman   1918                  (died) 4-11-1992 West Ham           (Frederick John/Ethel Hawken) Eileen Constance Tuddenham  18-7-1942 Walthamstow, London SC
Snitch Elsie    1918     Hull,, East Yorkshire (John/Louisa Fuller) Atkinson 1939 Hull, East Yorkshire  SC
      ---2nd Marriage--- George Dickenson 1949 Hull, East Yorkshire  SC
Snitch Alec T  1920                   (buried) 1920   Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)  ************  *********************  ************ Ind + SC
Snitch Margaret May 14 -5-1920   Pondersbridge, Cambridgeshire (Fred Thomas/Margaret Smith)  Herbert W Freeman 1958 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Rel + SC
---2nd Marriage--- Deighton 1990   Rel
Snitch Arthur (birth) 25-5-1920  (bapt) 9-6-1920
                          (died) 2-1986
Hull,, East Yorkshire (John/Louisa Fuller) Joyce Elizabeth  Clark 22-12-1956  St Columba, Drypool, Hull  PR
Snitch May Louisa Bertha       21-9-1920            (died) 9-2-1987
                          (buried ) 12-2-1987
Wood Green, London (John Thomas/May Kitchen) Thomas Read 20-12-1941 Edmonton Registry Office, London Rel + SC
Snitch Wilbert Leonard  8-3-1921              (died) 12-10-1995
                          (buried ) 19-10-1995
Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Wilbert Arthur/Lulu Schwab)  Agnes Hill Salmons  21-8-1948 Wilmington, Delaware, USA Rel
Snitch Edna M 1922 West Ham (Frederick/Ethel Hawken) Ronald C A Topp 1943 Epping, Essex  SC
Snitch John Thomas 8-5-1922               (buried) 1975      Wood Green, London  (John Thomas/May Kitchen) Iris May Kreetzer 1943 Edmonton Rel + SC
Snitch June Anita 17-6-1923             (died) 25-5-1984  Edmonton   (Harry Bernard/Wilson) Gerald Warboys  26-5-1955 Enfield, Hertfordshire SC
Snitch Dorothy Edith May   19-6-1923             (died) 17-1-2000      Wood Green, London (Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)  James Thomas Chad 2-6-1945 Wood Green, London Rel + SC
Snitch Dorothy Edith  (birth) 26-11-1924    (Bapt) 4-1-1926
(died) 3-12-1995
Wood Green, London  (John Thomas/May Kitchen)  Edward Cyril Bevis 6-4-1947 Islington, London Rel + SC
Snitch Elroy Arthur 11-12-1924            (died) 17-6-1942  Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Roy Leonard/Molly Minke)   ************  *********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Henry James 11-1-1925             (died) 24-10-1986 Edmonton  (Alfred George/Lock)  June Coomes 26-3-1951 Enfield, Hertfordshire Rel + SC
Snitch Albert James  26-12-1926            (died) 3-1-1927  Wood Green, London (Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)   ************  *********************  ************ Rel + SC
Snitch Albert W B  1926                     (buried) 1927             Edmonton    (Alfred George/Lock)   ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Leonard Ralph 24-8-1926              (died) 1-2-2001  Cleveland, Ohio, USA          (Roy Leonard/Molly Minke)  Helen Koehler 1-4-1944 Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Hilda Maud  (birth) 14-11-1926  (bapt) 26-12-1926 Wood Green, London (John Thomas/May Kitchen) Arthur Evans 26-6-1945 Edmonton  Rel + SC
Snitch Colin Frederick   12-6-1927 Pondersbridge, Cambridgeshire (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows) Irene Munday 15-7-1950 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire  SC
Snitch Harold Wilbert 17-9-1927 Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Roy Leonard/Molly Minke) Betty Siek 12-1-1952 Cleveland, Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Joyce Mary 1927
(died) 1956  
Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (John Robert/Dorothy Summers)  Bernard Mowbray  1951 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Peter C  1927                     (buried) 1927  N Witchford   (Eric Ernest/Nellie Clayton)  ************  *********************  ************ SC
Snitch Julia Frances 1-7-1928              (died) 1-11-2002 Edmonton (Albert James/Dorothy Willeter) Charles Jeffrey Briggs 16-7-1949 Wood Green, London  Rel + SC
Snitch Michael John  3-5-1929             (died)  6-5-2010 March, Cambridgeshire (Eric Ernest/Nellie Clayton) Joan Wallace 21-6-1952 St Ives, Cambridgeshire SC
Snitch Robert Richard  14-3-1929 Wood Green, London (Robert Snitch/Frances Willeter)  Brenda Hunt  21-7-1951  Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex Rel + SC
Snitch Peggy Edith Margaret 2-5-1929    Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows)  Joseph W R Munday  1949 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Robert Evans   27-8-1929             (died) 13-2-1932   Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Roy Leonard/Molly Minke)  ************  **********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Rosemary Jean 1930  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire  (John Robert/Dorothy Summers)  Dennis Malton  1952  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire SC
Snitch Albert Victor    20-6-1930    (died) 26-4-2011
                  (Cremated) 11-5-2011
Wood Green, London (Albert James/Dorothy Willeter)  Herta Mitterbacher 8-10-1960 Wood Green, London  Rel + SC
Snitch Douglas Leonard 27-2-1931 Wood Green, London (Robert Snitch/Frances Willeter) Doreen Smith 1-1-1955 Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex Rel + SC
Snitch Betty Elizabeth 1931    Wood Green, London (John Thomas/May Kitchen)  Alexander N S Wright 1951 Wood Green, London  Rel + SC
Snitch Reginald Harry M 7-10-1931     Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Ellen Snitch)  Brenda M Fletcher  3-9-1955 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire SC
Snitch Dorothy May 11-10-1932    Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia   (Leonard/Una May Riddell) Mervyn Stanley Spicer 7-9-1957 Burwood, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Rachel Ann York  1933              (died) 16-11-2014
                    (Cremated 1-12-2014)
St Ives, Cambridgeshire (Eric Ernest/Grace Parker)   William Speakman   Singapore, Malaysia Rel + SC
Snitch Joyce Margaret 7-4-1933      Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Frederick/Edith Meadows)   Dereck Moulding 1953 Huntingdon SC
Snitch Eileen Dawn 16-1-1934  Sydney, NSW, Australia   (Leonard/Una May Riddell) Kevin Donald Brown
Colin Aura Smith
1960 NSW, Australia

NSW, Australia
Snitch Brian Peter      (birth) 3-5-1935   (bapt)  21-6-1935      
                          (died) 13-3-2009
Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Clarence/Betty Harris)  Doreen Gilbert 1961 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Rel + SC
Snitch Alec Charles  14-7-1935 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (Charles/Christina Langley)  Kathleen Brentwood 26-9-1959 Lt Stukely, Huntingdonshire  Rel + SC
Snitch Margaret Joan 18-2-1938             (died) 7-5-1941 Sydney, NSW, Australia   (Leonard/Una May Riddell)  ************  **********************  ************ Rel
Snitch George William   22-7-1939             (died) 14-4-1989 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (Charles/Christina Langley) Mary Elizabeth Derbyshire 16-11-1963 Leicester, Leicestershire  Rel + SC
Snitch Monica Mary  6-12-1939  Rowley Regis, Dudley (George/Mary Elizabeth Wilson) Michael John Hughes 17-6-1961 Aston Parish Church Birmingham Rel
      -- 2nd Marriage--- Colin Dyde 10-6-1978 Registry Office, Stratford Upon Avon Rel
Snitch Terrance Michael   5-7-1940    Wood Green, London (Robert Richard/Frances Willeter)

 Not Married

    Rel + SC
Snitch Loraine Shirley  1940  Edmonton   (George A/Shirley) Robert Alan Veal  23-9-1967 Nuthurst, West Sussex SC
Snitch Allan George 14-3-1941 Moulyinning, Western Australia (Alfred/Stella Morris) Joyce Noreen Forth 9-4-1966 Victoria Park, Western Australia Rel
Snitch Elroy Arthur 11-12-1941          (died) 17-6-1942 Cleveland, Ohio (Roy Leonard/Mollie Minke)  ************  *********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Graeme Morris 1-1-1943 Katanning, Western Australia (Alfred/Stella Morris) Michelle Susan Westlake 17-5-1986 West Perth, Western Australia Rel
Snitch Carole Ann   25-1-1943 Hull, East Yorkshire (John/Alice Wells) Robert William
1-4-1967 Hull, East Yorkshire Rel + SC
Snitch Allan Leonard 24-10-1943 Strathfield, NSW, Australia (Leonard/Una May Riddell) Beverley Rhonda Watt 13-2-1965 Granville, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Terence Stanley  24-3-1944    Pondersbridge (Frederick Roland/Edith Meadows) Sandra Carol White 7-4-1962 Old Fletton Rel + SC
Snitch Kenneth Harry 14-7-1944   Sheffield Lake, Ohio, USA  (Leonard/Helen Koehler)   Sharon Leslie Parker Thompson

Severa Vega


Sheffield Lake, Lorain, Ohio, USA

Reno, Nevada, USA

Snitch Peter Alan 14-12-1944 Wood Green, London (Albert/Dorothy Willeter) Jennifer Brawn  31-12-1966  Sandy, Bedfordshire Ind
--- 2nd Marriage--- Eileen Ewing 19-4-1995 Largs, Scotland Ind
Snitch Paul Arthur Maynard 10-2-1945 Sydney, NSW, Australia  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Linda Margaret Barry 30-12-1967  Thornleigh, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Anthony Richard   20-2-1945 Newton A (Hilda Maud Snitch)       Rel
Snitch David  3-2-1947   Leytonstone, London  (Victor/Bessie May Seymour)  Jean Mary Taylor  9-8-1975  Bristol, Avon Ind + SC
Snitch Thomas Dana 18-4-1947 Coniston, Ontario, Canada (Roy/Catherine Savage) Debrah Jean Lane 14-2-1981 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada Ind
Snitch John Herbert    14-5-1947                (died) 15-3-1967
                             (buried) 23-3-1967
Cleveland, Ohio, USA     (Leonard/Helen Koehler)  ************  *********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Joanne Carol 14-5-1947  Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Leonard/Helen Koehler)  Richard Francis Kenney 12-12-1970 Elyria, Ohio, USA  Rel
Snitch Merrilee Margaret 2 -2-1947   Hornsby, Sydney, NSW, Australia (Arthur George/Jean Maynard)  Raymond Thomas  Patteson  24-4-1971 Parramatta, Australia Rel
Snitch Douglas George  11-6-1948  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire  (Margaret May Snitch) Susan Ethel Lewis     Rel + SC
Snitch Brian James 12-6-1949 Drypole, Hull, East Yorkshire   (John/Alice Wells) Linda Janet Everton 28-7-1973 Hull, East Yorkshire Ind
Snitch David Peter  19-5-1949 Woodford, Essex (Edward/Eileen Tuddenham)  Patricia Ann Knight 1974 Southend on Sea, Essex Rel + SC
      ---2nd Marriage--- Colleen Joyce manning 25-8-1979 Southend on Sea, Essex Rel
Snitch Christopher Paul 22-5-1949 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Roy/Catherine Savage)

Not Married

Snitch Jennifer K  1950 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Clarence/ Betty Harris)  Terence J Wilkinson 1968 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Rel + SC
      ---2nd Marriage--- Barry Read     Rel
Snitch William  Leonard 9-8-1950 Berea, Ohio, USA (Leonard/Helen Koehler) Colleen Rose White 19-7-1975 East Liverpool, Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Wendy Edith 20-12-1950 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Roy/Catherine Savage) Lou Margolese   Canada Rel
Snitch Anne E  21-2-1951  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Colin/Irene Munday)  John R Smith 11-7-1970 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Rel
Snitch Donald Roy  9-10-1951             (died) 28-10-2002 Berea, Ohio, USA (Leonard/Helen Koehler) Jean J   Ohio, USA  Rel
Snitch Wilbert Leonard 2-9-1951 Wilmington, Delaware USA (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons) Ann Pauline Saxton 21-6-1975 Wilmington, Delaware, USA Rel
Snitch Douglas Harold   24-5-1953  Wilmington, Delaware USA  (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons)  Melody Ann Parker 21-7-1973 Wilmington, Delaware, USA  Rel
Snitch Robert Arthur 24-5-195             (died) 2-3-2010 Wilmington, Delaware USA   (Wilbert/Agnes Sammons)  Anna Marie Graham 11-10-1975   Wilmington, Delaware, USA Rel
Snitch Peter John 3-1-1953  Wahroonga, Sydney, NSW, Australia (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Wanda Lenore Stiles 21-12-1974 Hornsby, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Elaine Faith 1954   Hastings, East Sussex   (Michael/Joan Wallace) Marley  1972 Norwich, Norfolk Rel
Snitch Nigel Robert 4-9-1954 Rochford, Essex (Robert/Brenda Hunt)  Fiona May Wilson 1977 Norwich,  Norfolk Rel
Snitch Thomas Harold 14-7-1954  Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) Janice Joan Wolf 29-5-1976 Avon Lake, Ohio, USA Rel
      ---2nd Marriage--- Barbara Dale Brown 22-12-1980 Washington DC, USA Ind
      ---3rd Marriage--- Mary Lassiter 13-10-1990 Washington DC, USA Ind
Snitch Mark Robert  12-11-1955  Sydney, NSW, Australia  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Nerida Gal Dean  28-7-1978 Sydney, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Angela Joan 18-10-1955  Maidstone, Kent (Michael/Joan Wallace) Ian John Wainwright  8-9-1979 Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Ind
Snitch Nadina Judith 23-3-1956 Thurrock (Robert/Brenda Hunt) Paul Philip Hollis     Rel
Snitch Stephen D 13-8-1956  Portsmouth, Hampshire (Douglas/Doreen Smith)  Elizabeth Lovas     Rel
Snitch Reginald John  20-9-1957     Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  Tracy J Dale Susan Ann
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 
Snitch Kathleen Joan 12-2-1957  Cleveland, Ohio, USA   (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek)  Donald Zacharias 23-8-1980 Cleveland, Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Rhondda Jean  15-2-1957 Sydney, NSW, Australia  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Neal Steward Davidson 10-7-1976 Chatsworth, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Stephen   26-1-1958 Hull, East Yorkshire    (Arthur/Joyce Clark) Linda Anne Dervey 3-4-1987 Hull, East Yorkshire Rel
Snitch Rose May 26-3-1959 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)       Rel
Snitch Trevor Paul 1958   Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Colin/Irene Munday) Hayley A Wright 1982  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  Rel
--- 2nd Marriage--- Donna Hodgson 24-12-1997  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  Rel
Snitch David Michael 11-9-1958            (died) 11-9-1980 Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek)  ************  *********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Philip Stewart 26-8-1959 Sydney, NSW, Australia  (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Margo Ann Bailey 9-4-1983
 Chatsworth, NSW, Australia
      --- 2nd Marriage--- Catherine Lee Blake  2-10-2004  Bathurst, NSW, Australia Ind
Snitch Christopher W 18-1-1959 Gosport, Hampshire  (Douglas/Doreen Smith) Carol Turner 17-7-1998 Southend, Essex Rel
Snitch Alan Ian 25-2- 1960 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)       Rel
Snitch David John  25-3-1961    Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) Susan Curwen 28-8-1988 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  Rel
Snitch Ian Peter   2-10-1961 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Brian/Doreen Hayden) Eleanor Joanne  Hills 12-9-1987  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  Rel
      --- 2nd Marriage--- Allison Jane Abbs 29-6-2007 Jamaica Ind
Snitch Karlton Miles Roland 17-9-1962  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Terence/Sandra White) Gillian May Rees  5-1985 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  Rel
Snitch Stephen George 27-12-1962 Sydney, NSW, Australia    (Arthur/Jean Maynard)  Diane Hines
Joanne Fearne
Hornsby, Australia
Newcastle, Australia
Snitch Heather Gail 16-5-1962     Malta (Douglas/Doreen Smith) Richard Wooldridge 5-7-1986  Shoesburyness, Essex Rel
Snitch Robin Clayton  22-5-1963 Rochford, Essex    (Robert/Brenda Hunt) Petra Fuhlendorf     Rel
Snitch John  1964 Hull, East Yorkshire   (Arthur/Joyce Clark) Teresa Smith     Rel
Snitch Steven Terrance  13-1-1964 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Terence/Sandra White)  Karen Beevor
Shelagh Kelly
Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
Downpatrick, Northern Ireland
      ------ 2nd Marriage--- Shelagh Kelly 8-5-2003 Downpatrick, Northern Ireland Rel
Snitch Marcia 1965                  (buried) 1965    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Brian/Doreen Hayden)   ************  *********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Bruce Edward     12-12-1965 Lorain, Ohio, USA (Kenneth/Sharon Thompson) Connie 3-7-1999 Stockton, California, USA Rel
Snitch Craig Anthony 27-8-1965      NSW, Australia    (Allen/Beverley Watt) Shona Innes  25-9-1992 Belvue Chapel, Edinburgh Rel
Snitch Nancy Ann     19-3-1966 Parma, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Harold Wilbert/Betty Siek) Kenneth James Peters 8-8-1998  Parma Heights, Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Paul Stephen 7-12-1966 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Brender Fletcher)  Christine Nichols  26-8-1998 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Rel
Snitch Glen James     6-1-1967 Leicester, Leicestershire  (George/Mary Derbyshire) Michelle A Barnwell 3-2004 Nuneaton, Warwickshire Rel
Snitch Clive Lawrence 29-10-1967  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Terence/Sandra White) Elizabeth Jane Cannon  2-9-1989 Ramsey, Cambridgeshire Rel
-------2nd Marriage--- Katie Elizabeth Wilks 5-10-1996 Sheffield, South Yorkshire Rel
Snitch Mark Allen 1-11-1967 Mt Lawley, Western Australia (Allen/Joyce Forth) Kareen Fiorini 15-5-1993 Belmont, Western Australia Rel
Snitch Debra Louise 3-4-1968   Leicester, Leicestershire   (George/Mary Derbyshire) Shane Bartell     Rel
Snitch Michael Barry   25-8-1968       Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Brender Fletcher) Diane Guild     Rel
SNITH Ian  1968  Woolwich (Maddocks)       Rel
Snitch Eric John  16 -4-1968 Ohio, USA    (Kenneth/Sharon Thompson) Shannon Smith     Rel
Snitch John Paul  28-10-1968  Sydney, NSW, Australia    (Paul/Linda Margaret Barry) Julia Ann Featherstone  1998 Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Australia Rel
      ------2nd Marriage--- Somrudee Phiupha 15-12-2008 Brighton, Queensland, Australia Ind
Snitch Michele Louise 24-5-1969   Akrotiri, Cyprus (Peter Alan/Jennifer Brawn)  Simon Crossman 15-3-2002 York, North Yorkshire Rel
Snitch Wendy Carol 2-2-1970 Lorain, Ohio, USA (Kenneth/Sharon Thompson) Stephen Dutcher 22-5-2004  Stockton, California, USA Rel
Snitch Phillippa Linda 5-8-1970 Hornsby, NSW, Australia (Paul/Linda Margaret Barry) Michael Taylor 1-1999 Lisgar Gardens, Hornsby, Australia  Rel
Snitch Kevin Lee 1971  Norwich, Norfolk   (SNITCH) 5691/S        
Snitch Donna Elsie 11-9-1971 Osborne Park, Western Australia (Allen/Joyce Forth) Brett Hull 30-9-2005 Meelup, Western Australia Rel
Snitch Paul Alan 21-5-1972   Norwich, Norfolk  (Peter Alan/Jennifer Brawn) Michele Kirk 28-7-2000 Elgin, Scotland Rel
Snitch Kellee Joy 31-10-1972 Australia (Allen/Beverley Watt) Andrew John Keast 11-11--1995 Sydney, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Thomas Gordon 1973               (died) 17-12-2012   Woodstock, Ontario, Canada (Thomas/Sandra Ross) Jennifer Gerior
Jennifer Berry
Nancy Galic
Not Married
Not Married
Not Married
Canada Rel
Snitch Johnathon Roy 1974 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada (Thomas/Sandra Ross) Jennifer Arlint May 2005 London Ontario,Canada Rel
Snitch Emily Jane  1974   Norwich, Norfolk    (Nadina Snitch)       Rel
Snitch Todd Eliot  7-10-1974 Jacksonville. Florida USA    (Douglas/Melody Parker) Nicole Pelatier 7-3-1998 Viurginia Beach, Virginia, USA Rel
Snitch Donnetta L   Ohio, USA (Donald Roy/Jean) Westover   USA Rel
Snitch Gillian   17-5-1977  Hull, East Yorkshire   (Brian/Linder Everton)       Rel
Snitch Michael Leonard 1-11-1977    El Paso, Texas USA  (Wilbert Leonard/Ann Saxton)       Rel
Snitch Justin Lee   17-9-1977 Toledo, Ohio, USA  (William/Colleen White)  Jennifer Lynn Walles   30-5-2015  Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Donna Marie 20-4-1978    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Rose May Snitch)       Rel
Snitch Gary 29-3-1979    Hull, East Yorkshire   (Brian/Linder Everton)       Rel
Snitch Bryan Robert   16-10-1979 Wilmington, Delaware USA (Robert/Anna Graham)       Rel
Snitch Steven Michael 30-12-1979   Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Rose May Snitch)       Rel
Snitch Lisa Rose  5-9-1981 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Rose May Snitch) James Brown 8-9-2008 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Rel
Snitch Brad Christopher 25-12-1982 Wilmington, Delaware USA (Robert/Anna Graham)       Rel
Snitch Rachel Marie    4-2-1982 Toledo, Ohio, USA (William/Colleen White) David Batista 3-9-2005 Toledo, Ohio, USA Rel
Snitch Stephen 22-2-1983  Hull, East Yorkshire   (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey)       Rel
Snitch Skye Elizabeth 12-9-1983 Canberra, Australia   (Mark Robert/Narida Dean) Rohan Lindsay Hutchins 31-3-2007 Parkes, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Timothy Gabriel 27-4-1983 Salem, Oregon, USA (Kenneth Harry/Severa Vega)       Rel
Snitch Claire  1984 Hull, East Yorkshire     (John/Teresa Smith)       Rel
Snitch Daniel  26-6-1984    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Rose May Snitch)       Rel
Snitch Danielle Karen 27-8-1984 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (Stephen/Karen Beevor)       Rel
Snitch Michael Francis  14-11-1984 Toledo, Ohio, USA (William/Colleen White)       Rel
Snitch Mathew Blake 3-10-1984 Jacksonville, Florida USA     (Douglas/Melody Parker)       Rel
Snitch Lewis Adam 17-5-1985 Norwich, Norfolk    (Nigel/Fiona Mary Wilson)       Rel
Snitch Christopher Paul  9-1985  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  (Trevor/Hayley Wright)       Rel
Snitch Damion Steve  23-8-1986 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire (Steven/Karen Beevor)       Rel
Snitch Michelle Brenda 3-1986                (died) 29-5-2002   Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Rose May Snitch)   ************  *********************  ************ Rel
Snitch Krystle Anne Zenita  2-3-1986 Canberra, Australia   (Mark Robert/Nerida Dean) Joshua Wood 4-2-2007 Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia Rel
Snitch Carla  3-1987  Hull, East Yorkshire   (John/Teresa Smith)       Rel
Snitch Jason Lee  23-4-1987  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Tracy Dale)       Rel
Snitch Candice Ann 22-8-1987 Duncraig, Western Australia (Graeme/Michelle Westlake)       Rel
Snitch Daniel Stephen 3-10-1987 Southend on Sea, Essex (Stephen/Elizabeth Lovas) Changed name to Gambrill in 2002     Rel
Snitch Michael Peter  22-11-1987  Baulkham Hills, Sydney, NSW Australia (Peter John/Wanda Stiles)       Rel
Snitch Adam John 17-5-1988  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Karlton/Gillian Rees)       Rel
Snitch Richard David 14-11-1988 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (David/Susan Curwen)       Rel
Snitch Heather Anne   25-7-1988 Sydney, NSW, Australia    (Philip/Margo Anne Bailey)       Rel
Snitch Alysha Sarah 7-1-1989 Duncraig, Western Australia (Graeme/Michelle Westlake)       Rel
Snitch Robert Christopher  5-6-1989   Southend on Sea, Essex     (Christopher/Julie Heale) Gillian Rose Duncan     Ind
Snitch Mathew Steven Lee 10-12-1989       (Stephen/Linda Lee)       Rel
Snitch Leon Ashley 23-7-1990  Norwich, Norfolk (Nigel/Fiona Mary Wilson)       Rel
Snitch Amy Louise  7-9-1990  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Karlton/Gillian Rees)       Rel
Snitch Jerome Clinton  1990  Boston, Lincolnshire (Downs)        
Snitch Aaron Reese 8-8-1990   (Paul/Michele Kirk) Changed name to Reese Snitch     Rel
Snitch Sadie Nicole 31-12-1990 Hull, East Yorkshire   (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey)        Rel
Snitch Natalie Marie     16-5-1991      (Christopher/Julie Heal)       Rel
Snitch Mathew John 1-10-1991  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Reginald/Tracy Dale)       Rel
Snitch Shelley Celestial  24-11-1991 Australia (Mark Robert/Nerida Dean)       Rel
Snitch Jessica May 21-6-1992 Ryde, NSW, Australia (Stephen/Diane Hines)       Rel
Snitch Daniel Robert  15-11-1992 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Ian/Eleanor Hills)       Rel
Snitch Ryan Dennis 27-9-1992 Hull, East Yorkshire   (Stephen/Linda Anne Dervey)       Rel
Snitch Stewart Colin  12-6-1992 Sydney, NSW, Australia (Philip/Margo Anne Bailey)       Rel
Snitch Samantha Kate 16-3-1994 Gladstone, Queensland, Australia (Stephen/Diane Hines)       Rel
Snitch Taylor John 17-5-1994 Moncton, Ontario, Canada (Thomas Gordon/Jennifer Gerior)       Rel
Snitch Andrew Frazer Brander 12-7-1994  York, North Yorkshire  (Peter Alan /Eileen Ewing)       Rel
Snitch Latasha Symone 7-1994  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Michael/Diane Guild)       Rel
Snitch Lee Reginald  1-9-1994  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (David/Susan Curwen)       Rel
Snitch Tyler Marcus 22-10-1994 Narrogin, Western Australia (Mark/Karen Fiorini)       Rel
Snitch Sarah June  7-6-1995 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Ian/Eleanor Hills)       Rel
Snitch Jordan Innes  12-8-1995 Ryde, NSW, Australia  (Craig/Shona Innes)       Rel
Snitch James Oliver  4-7-1996    Leicester, Leicestershire  (Glen/Michelle Barnwell)       Rel
Snitch Nathan Kevin 20-2-1996 Narrogin, Western Australia (Mark/Karen Fiorini)       Rel
Snitch Ethan McKenzie 7-11-1997 Ryde, NSW, Australia  (Craig/Shona Innes)       Rel
Snitch Elizabeth 1997 Canada (Thomas Gordon/Jennifer Berry)       Rel
Snitch Rebecca Charlotte 29-12-1997 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire   (Clive/Katie Wilks)       Rel
Snitch Adam Joe Peter  20-3-1998 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Ian/Eleanor Hills)       Rel
Snitch Ian Mathew 29-6-1998 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA (Todd/Nicole Pelatier)       Rel
Snitch Oliva Minnie 14-1-2000 Ryde, NSW, Australia  (Craig/Shona Innes)       Rel
Snitch Charlotte Alexander 25-1-2000 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Paul/Christine Nichols)       Rel
Snitch Hannah Victoria      27-6-2000 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Clive/Katie Wilks)       Rel
Snitch Kiara Philippa 14-7-2000 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (John/Julie Ann Featherstone)       Rel
Snitch Christian John  9-10-2002 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Donna Marie Snitch)       Rel
Snitch James Anthony 22-11-2002 Newcastle, NSW, Australia  (Stephen/Joanne Fearne)       Rel
Snitch Reilly Taylor  30-9-2004 Ryde, NSW, Australia  (Craig/Shona Innes)       Rel
Snitch Cloe Melisa 2004 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA (Todd/Nicole Pelatier)       Rel
Snitch Thomas Ian Frederick 14-5-2004 Bathurst, NSW, Australia (Philip/Catherine Lee Blake)       Rel
Snitch Ellie Louise 21-12-2004 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Paul Stephen/Christine Nicholls)       Rel
Snitch Connor Alexander 18-9-2005 Ontario Canada (Johnathon/ Jennifer Arlint)       Rel
Snitch Ellie Marie 12-12-2005 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Donna Marie Snitch)       Rel
Snitch Adie Elizabeth 11-2005 Warwickshire (Snitch)        
Snitch Donna J   Ohio, USA (Donald Roy/Jean) Hruz   USA Rel
Snitch Kyle George 8-1-2007 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Jason/Amy Wilcock)       Rel
Snitch Joseph Victor 23-2-2007 Elgin, Scotland (Paul/Michele Kirk)       Rel
Snitch Thrya Rose 30-3-2008 London, Ontario, Canada (Thomas Gordon/Nancy Galic)       Rel
Snitch Daniel Michael 8-8-2008 Southend on Sea, Essex (Robert/Gillian Duncan)       Rel
Snitch Micah Linda 17-3-2009 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (John Paul/Somrudee Phiupha)       Rel
Snitch Tobias John 5-10-2009 Bathurst, NSW, Australia (Heather Anne Snitch)       Rel
Snitch Lilah Somma 10-5-2010 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (John Paul/Somrudee Phiupha)       Rel
Snitch Thomas Lincoln 14-7-2010 London, Ontario, Canada (Thomas Gordon/Nancy Galic)       Rel
Snitch Edward Leonard 29-5-2014 Southend on Sea, Essex (Robert/Rikki-Lee Linge)       Rel
Snitch Levi Robin 2014   (Leon/Natasha)       Rel


  2018 Pete Snitch, York, UK